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Jaspers Cafe in Ruddington on the High Street is a really nice place for a spot of lunch, a bit of brunch or a lovely plateful of breakfast.  I am always looking for a decent breakfast spot and place to have a bit of lunch in the area and Ruddington usually comes up trumps when I am pottering about in South Notts.

I popped in a couple of times with my mate Ant to check them out over the last couple of weeks, we were after a bit to eat so lets look at what we found and scoffed

I was in the mood for some breakfast, even though it was lunchtime so I just picked the biggest one on the menu. That was the Jaspers Breakfast for £5.95  described as “2 Bacon, 2 Sausage, 2 Fried Egg, 2 Hash Brown, Tomato, Mushrooms, Baked Beans, Toast & Butter”.

I had pondered just having the Breakfast which was just a single slice of bacon, one sausage, one egg and one hash brown, but that was £4.95 so for a pound more I was getting twice as much. I felt that somehow I was beating the system but the reality is that’s how the waistline expands

Jaspers Breakfast

The Jaspers Breakfast came all neatly laid out on a large plate, a hot plate as well which I was happy to see. I liked the herby sausages as they were think and meaty, had a nice flavour and were nicely crisp. The two fried eggs had been cooked very well so that I had a nice soft runny yolk and the white was not overdone, just as I like. The smoked bacon was lightly salty and fairly meaty I might have liked it just a little crispier but then I suppose it may have dried out, so perhaps not.

I was happy to see that the mushrooms had been cooked properly and not fried to the ends of the earth like some places, these ones were plump and juicy.  I could have missed the hash browns and tomato altogether as neither ever really float my breakfast boat. The menu had said no exchanges or substitutions so I had just accepted that they were coming. Thinking about it though it didn’t say no omissions 🙂

The toast and the baked beans ended up being a ‘beans on toast’ second breakfast, once I had cleared enough space on the plate. I find that to always be a good plan .

All in all that was a decent enough feast for the money and it set me up nicely for the rest of the afternoon.

Jacket Potato with Veg Chilli

Ant had the Jacket Potato with Veg Chilli which seemed pretty well priced at £2.50 for the spud and 75p for the veg chilli topping. the spud was a pretty decent sized one and the veg chilli made up of bell peppers, tomato, mushrooms and kidney beans was declared to be well tasty.

It came with a salad garnish, well I would say that it was a more than a garnish as it filled up half of the plate. Apparently it was nice and fresh and the balsamic drizzled on top enlivened it somewhat

Eggs Benedict

We came back again for another lunch as I had my eye on the Eggs Benedict, a dish that I always like to check that out when I find a new place for lunch and brunch. I got a little bit ahead of myself by ordering it with black pudding. I hadn’t realised that the pudding was just a side item though 🙁 I had been hoping for it to be layered in the benedict stack, but I hadn’t asked so it was just as it was.

The whole thing was tasty enough and satisfying to eat, the hollandaise sauce was creamy and lush, it was also very yellow and rather vibrant. The egg yolks were lovely and runny, the white of the egg was perhaps a little under as it did seem a bit ‘snotty’ in places, but you know what I didn’t really care as I am not as fussy as some. I liked the bacon and the muffin could have been toastier if I was being picky. I scoffed it a bit too quickly though so it must have been good, I perhaps should have savoured the moments more 🙂

Vegetarian Breakfast

Ant checked out the vegetarian breakfast which looked alright to me, I liked the look of the eggs and apparently the vegetarian sausages were pretty decent.  For £5.50 you were getting two of those veggie sausages, 2 fried eggs, a hash brown, mushroom, beans, half a tomato and some toast.

I do still have my eyes on a couple of other items from the menu. I really want to check out the American pancakes with maple syrup for £1.75 and of course I would have to add the bacon for 75p. I would need to be sure that it was going to be crispy and preferably streaky bacon, or at least be hopeful. If I am honest I might have to double that order up, purely through greed.

I also just fancy popping in for scrambled eggs on toast, it is only £2.50 and I reckon that could be a decent like snack mid morning before a stroll over to Ruddington Country Park 🙂

Jasper’s café is located at 24b High Street in Ruddington, NG11 6EA if you are plugging it into your phone for directions.

The café used to further up the high street past the chip shop on Dutton’s Hill but they relocated down nearer to the Village Green back in May.

I liked that each time we have been that plenty of people are in there having something to eat, a lot of people seem to be having a slice of their freshly baked cakes.

Perhaps that is something I also need to do 🙂

The menu has all the breakfast, brunch and lunch classics on it and it all seems to be pretty good value and decently priced. I can see this being one of my favoured lunch spots midweek

The sign outside suggests that they are open every day, even Sunday

You can also check them out on their Facebook page and on their Twitter Feed


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