Brunch at Rye Bar in Beeston: The Full English

Rye Cafe Bar lies on the High Road in Beeston, it is on that pedestrianised section where most of the actions seems to be. There are quite a few cafes and eateries on this stretch and this place always looks quite busy and popular which seemed to be a good sign.

I managed to get a nice seat on a bar stool in the window where I could people watch and be watched. There is nothing quite like stuffing your face with food while people gaze in at you like an attraction at the zoo. It sometimes feels like ‘blogger feeding time’ and I want to chuck a half eaten bread roll at them while attempting not to dribble baked bean juice or egg yolk down my chin. I usually just sit quietly though and behave myself.

Any way back to this post, it was a weekend, I had very little else on so had plenty of time to get something to eat and a mug of tea. I checked out the menu and saw that they were doing breakfast until 2pm. It was only just coming up to 1pm , so a Full English breakfast for me it is then!

The Full English

The Full English at the Rye Bar was listed on the menu as being 2 poached eggs, dry cured bacon, 2 pork sausages, baked beans, hash brown, flat cap mushroom, tomato and your choice of toast (I had sourdough) for £8.50

The sausages were some of the best tasting and best cooked I have had for ages on a fry up. They were nice and meaty, bit of fat to add the flavour, nice herbing and I liked the crispy skin. The bacon was nice and smoked, and even the flat cap mushrooms had been cooked really well so that they kept in all those lovely mushroom juices, I was grateful that they were not the usual afterthought plate filler

The poached eggs were decent, a little snotty in places but I can forgive that they can be tricky buggers to get right, and that is just when you are cooking for one, let alone a whole roomful of people. The hash brown and half tomato were the usual fare, nothing wrong but nothing too exciting.

I wasn’t really sure what was happening with the beans, I mean to start of with they were in a pot which I assume is just all about presentation but a waste of time because you still have to pour them out to eat them and it is then just a waste of washing up. I think these were supposed to be posh ones as there were some kidney beans in there too. Happy enough with normal ones to be truthful

Overall a pretty decent plateful, for £8.50 a bit more than a greasy spoon, but not a bad price considering that Rye bar seems to be a bit fancier than your generic high street cafe

I suppose if I came back in here for another visit I probably should get something else from the menu. I liked the look and sound of pretty much everything that Rye Bar had to offer on their Breakfast Menu.

There were a couple of dishes that I did quite fancy checking out, in particular their “American Breakfast” – ‘Buttermilk pancakes with sausage, bacon, fried eggs, beans and maple syrup‘ just because I am total sucker for USA dineresque style meals.

I also fancied the “Avocado Eggs” – ‘Poached eggs with avocado, chilli and lime with sun blush tomatoes and feta on toasted sourdough’ mostly cos ordering and scoffing that makes me feel posher than I really am 🙂

Truth is though that I could not take a chance on either until I had made sure that they were actually able to cook a proper English Fry Up or Breakfast.

I reckon that you know that too based on the number of cooked breakfasts that I have reportedly scoffed under the somewhat now transparent virtue or truthfully the pretence of ‘doing it for the blog’ 🙂

I reckon that based on the breakfast I would come back again and check out one of those other dishes.


Rye Bar is located at 66 High Road in Beeston, Nottingham NG9 2LF. You can get here east enough from the city on tram, and there are plenty of buses running here too.

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