Cafe 94 in Beeston: A Large All Day Breakfast

Cafe 94 on High Road is another one of the spots where you can grab some breakfast in Beeston. This one is my kind of place, a proper cafe, not quite your greasy spoon, but certainly a down to earth cafe run by friendly people serving decent honest freshly cooked food.

I popped in looking for breakfast, I wasn’t after anything fancy I just wanted something to fill me right up and keep me going for the rest of the day. I was planning a walk back into town so needed some energy to keep me going

Breakfast Menu Options

The Breakfast menu inside at Cafe 94 was the usual sort of thing where they test out whether your eyes are bigger than your belly by trying to tempt you with more and more food. “Big“, “Full“, and “Small” were the options on offer.

I went BIG which was to be a plate of “2 Sausages, 2 Bacon, 2 Eggs, beans, Tomatoes, mushroom, 3 Toast, Tea or Coffee” for £5.50.

Big Breakfast

The Big Breakfast at Cafe 94 was pretty immense by which I mean huge, I think that I could have done with a bigger plate to fit it all onto! It was no frills at its very best and so much that I did struggle to eat it all (spoiler alert I did manage in the end)

The bacon was cooked just as I like, super crispy and all the fat had been rendered nicely. The two fried eggs were good too, and the mushrooms were done well also, so that they were still juicy and not fried to death like some places

The sausages are the classic catering efforts, but these were cooked enough so that they were nice and crisp even if the middle was not that solid. The hash brown lurked underneath the mound of food with the beans and tomatoes so sadly got a bit soggy. I should have rescued it from the ‘pool’ earlier

The cooked breakfast at Cafe 94 came with a mug of tea and a side plate of three slices of toast. The toast did defeat me I only managed two and a half slices 🙂 I liked that the pot of butter that the toast came with was nice and soft so that I could actually spread it. That was a nice thing to have.

To be fair I did need most of that toast to mop up the sea of beas and tomatoes on my plate so in the end I was glad I had that much. Two slices was probably enough though.

All in all it was good value volume wise and I did like the cafe and the way that they were organised. Even though it was rammed and heaving with diners they were all still really friendly.

There was a chalkboard outside offering a Belly Buster Breakfast for £5. “3 Sausages, 2 Bacon, 3 Eggs, 2 Hash Browns, Beans & Toms, 2 Toast, Mushrooms, Black Pud” This seemed to be a huge amount of food and even I baulked at the concept of attempting to eat that for my breakfast. I would have probably had a pretty good go though!

If you like a greasy spoon, breakfast and you like it to be cheap and cheerful then Cafe 94 is going to be your kind of place.

Cafe 94 are located at 94 High Road in Beeston, Nottingham next door to Hing Kee, and just a couple of doors away from the Cob Shop which I think that they also run

You can check them out and get times and contact details on their Facebook Page

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    Wonderful food properly priced could not fault it

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