Breakfast at the Harley Cafe on the Welbeck Estate

The Harley Cafe is located on the Welbeck Estate right across the Courtyard from the excellent Welbeck Farm Shop and next to the Harley Gallery. We had popped over to the estate at the weekend to pick up some supplies from the shop and also to check out the lego exhibition at the gallery.
It was raining when we arrived so the initial plan had been to get a cup of tea to warm us up and then to pick up a sausage roll from the Farm Shop to keep us going, but when we sat down in the cafe and we realized that they were still serving breakfast in the cafe? Well then the plan instantly changed šŸ™‚

Full English Breakfast

I do love a good Full English breakfast, our usual plan is to pick up all the ingredients from a local Farm Shop and then smugly rustle up one at home that we know is made up of top quality local produce. So when we realised that here at the cafe basically all the ingredients came from the Welbeck Farm Shop across the courtyard well we were onto a winner.

The Full English breakfast officially described on the menu as “The classic breakfast with two Lincolnshire sausages, two own-cured oak smoked bacon, mushrooms, spiced beans, poached egg, homemade black pudding and Welbeck Bakehouse toast” for Ā£8

The Full English Breakfast

The sausages were immense both in size and in taste, these ones on our plate were jolly plump too and much larger that the ones I saw for sale in the shop. I asked our server if they made them and he said yes they just made them for the cafe. We popped over after to see if we could buy any but I think they just made these ones specially as we could not see any that big for sale, well not today anyways.

The bacon is really excellent as well, meaty and smoked well, cooked perfectly with a bit of crisp fat, just as we like. Love the black pudding as well from the estate and I often pick up a big fat slice from the Welbeck Farm shop too.

The house beans that they had added to the dish were really good too, a bit smokey and while mixed with tomato, it was dialled down a notch so that it was not acidic as some house beans can be. I wasnt sure what sort of beans were in the mix, it seemed to be sort of cannelini and also something like a butter bean, anyway who cares they were jolly nice:-)

Mushrooms on Toast

I had picked out the Mushrooms on Toast which was detailed on the menu as being “A real Harley favourite, herby mushrooms heaped on sourdough with poached Cackelbean eggs and topped with fresh parsley” for Ā£7.

We had seen someone order this dish and it looked so good that we had to order a plateful as well. I really liked this dish, the mushrooms were juicy and plentiful, really well cooked. The toast was great too, a little bit chewy at the crust with that lovely flavour that the sourdough always seems to have. The poached eggs were good too, although one was a bit over cooked so almost hardboiled, having said that the one that was cooked perfectly was excellent, the golden orange yolk oozed out as I cut into it and was delightful. I went over to the Welbeck Farm Shop afterwards as well and bought a dozen of the eggs too

They hadn’t mentioned on the menu that it was on a bed of rocket salad which added a fair bit of crunch and a nice peppery taste to each bite, yet some unwarranted greenery (salad for breakfast?) which I still ate anyway šŸ™‚

To make it more interesting I had a scoop of the house beans and stole one of the sausages from my fellow diners Full English Breakfast plate. To be honest I didn’t need to, but it was offered so I gratefully accepted, in the same way that I willingly sampled a bite of their black pudding slice lol

Breakfast Menu at The Harley Cafe

So we already know that we had checked out the Full English Breakfast and the Mushrooms on Toast and that they were both jolly good. The rest of the menu also looked pretty tasty as well.

Skipping quickly past the Avocado on toast , my eyes alight upon the Savoury filled croissant, now at first glance I might have also skipped past that too, however the thought of a pastry filled with ‘our blend of Farm Shop Ham, Montgomery Cheddar and Cacklebean Eggs‘ was one worth pausing to ponder over (maybe next time?)

The other dish that gave me cause for thought was the Bombay breakfast naan described as ‘Farm Shop smoked bacon, mushrooms and a poached Cacklebean egg with spicy ketchup served on a Punjaban tandoori naan‘. Now that did get my tastebuds salivating and I was hoping that this was a dish that would have made it onto the lunch menu for another visit as it sounds more brunchy to me.

Either way that is another 2 dishes to look forward to trying next time we visit and another good reason to visit again as well (not that we need one!)

The Harley Cafe is located on the Welbeck Estate next to the Harley Gallery and in the same courtyard as the Welbeck Farm Shop who run the place. It is also next door to the NottsCutt garden centre and the big car park can be used to visit all four places.

The official address is

The Courtyard at Welbeck, A60 Mansfield Road
Welbeck, Worksop, Nottinghamshire.
S80 3LW

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