Fish and Chips at the Waterside Bar and Kitchen on Trent Bridge

The Waterside Bar & Kitchen has just recently opened on the South Side of Trent Bridge taking up the space formerly occupied by the South Bank Bar. I strolled along the Victoria Embankment this week to see what the food was like. I had heard that the place was a lot fancier than the old Southbank so was curious to see what they had to offer food wise.

Inside it was indeed quite different, it isn’t a sports bar anymore for sure. I don’t want to say that it is ‘posher’, but it probably does look like the sort of place that the people moving into those newly developed apartments behind them would like.

I had to search down through the menu to the aptly named ‘Water’ section to the traditional pub grub style fare I was looking for. I know that this place is probably not aiming to attract pub grub people, but I know what I like so I was still looking for it.

I had kind of been thinking about a Chippy Tea all the way along the river bank as I had been walking here. So that was what I ordered, described on the menu as Fish and Chips coming with ‘Mushy Peas/curry sauce, tartar sauce, brown bread and butter’.

Now I confess that I did briefly read the menu at the time and even took a quick snap shot of it purely so that I could cut and paste that bit out for the blog post. I failed to notice that you could have curry sauce, but that was fine I wanted mushy peas anyhow.

I hadn’t clocked the bit about bread and butter though, and for the record I didn’t get any 🙁 but having said that, perhaps that was a menu misprint as just under the dish it says you can add bread and butter for £1.50 ?

I know I had my mind set before I arrived but I did however think that the ‘Linguine Vongole‘ with ‘Roasted Tomatoes, Clams, garlic, chilli, coriander and a lemon squeeze‘ sounded pretty tasty so I blog banked that in the old brain for another time (perhaps).

Fish and Chips

Now then, first impressions were that the Fish was huge, I mean I was almost overfaced straight away as I didn’t really think I needed that much food. Maybe that was why it was £14.

It came on some sort of ceramic tray like plate and I kind of liked that though it was something different and at least it wasn’t a wooden board or metal dish.

The batter on the Fish was really crunchy and it was perhaps a bit too crisp for me. I am a bit of a heathen and dont mind when its a bit soggier. The white fish inside was juicy perhaps a bit wet, but it was clean tasting and there was a lot of it. The whole piece as I said was really quite large and I confess that I actually ended up leaving quite a bit of batter as I couldn’t manage it all and I just ate the fish, I mean I couldn’t waste that part of the offering! 🙂

I was happy to see a proper serving of mushy peas and a decent bowlful of house made tartar sauce. Recently at a few places the peas have been minimal but here I was getting Goose Fair sized portions. I like my mushy peas so get sad when I don’t get many, and it’s not like gravy where places don’t mind if you ask for more

The good thing about that large ceramic tray plate was that there was plenty of room to move my fish to one side so that I could see or rather get my knife and fork at the chips. It was kind of like a pull out situation. There were plenty of fries all neatly lined up like chip soldiers, in all honestly there were probably too many for me really. Did I eat them all though? Course I did, but politely left just one of the crispy end bits.

Overall it was a good tester of the food that the Waterside Bar has to offer. There were other things on the menu that I want to try, some of which you can only get at lunchtime like the Club Sandwich , the Cheeseburger and the Mac and Cheese.

I feel that I have to come back to get the club sandwich as that was one of our fave lunchtime Friday bites at the Southbank way back in the days before this blog even existed.

I also want to try some of their more unusual offerings like the “Bone Marrow with soldiers” and the “Indian Chicken and Garbanzo Curry Pot Pie“, two dishes I don’t every day

So plenty of reasons to come back, and it’s like just 5 mins away from my apartment


The Waterside Bar and Kitchen is located at Trentside N on Trent Bridge in West Bridgford. You really cannot miss it by the river bank when you head towards the bridge. Check them out on their Facebook Page and Instagram Feed if you like to look at the socials

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  1. I can recommend the cheeseburger – we ate there yesterday and I’d say it was the best burger I’ve had in a long while. Fish looks amazing!

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Did you have the lunchtime Cheeseburger? It sounded different to the burger they had in the evening and I quite fancied that lunchtime one as well

      1. Yes it was the lunchtime burger. They only brought us that menu.

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