Breakfast at The Old Bakery Tea Rooms in Newark

The Old Bakery Tea Rooms and Restaurant in Newark is located at Queens Head Court just off the Market place. It is a lovely little place tucked away just off the beaten track.

In the past when we have visited the town this place has always been really busy and we have often not been able to get a seat but at the moment in these COVID times they have seating outside and the day we visited there were plenty of free tables on the pavement outside the shop to dine at

I was in the mood for some breakfast action so when I read the words “Breakfast and Snacks, served all day” I was like ‘Thank you very much, don’t mind if I do!’ 🙂

The Full English described as being ‘Grilled locally smoked bacon, Lincolnshire sausage, sauteed mushrooms, 2 free range eggs, grilled tomato, beans and Toast” was right on my radar as soon as I saw it.

I almost had the “Bacon and Eggs” which was “Free range eggs with four rashers of locally smoked bacon” but I thought that was pushing it a bit on the bacon front. Mind you at that time I did not know the Full English came with Three slices! 🙂


The Full English breakfast at the Old Bakery Tea Rooms was another truly excellent find. Everything was working just perfectly for my taste and needs, and that does not happen that often, there is usually at least one clunker on the plate, but not here, oh no, it was all spot on.

The THREE slices of smoked back bacon were just great, solid meat and a nicely crisped up bit of fat, very well done. The Lincolnshire sausage was really tasty and had a really good mix of herbs in it, the sausage was meaty but still had enough fat in it to keep it moist. I could easily eat a load more of these with some mash and gravy (even if it is like a furnace outside just now).

The tomatoes were nice and juicy, and cooked all the way through. Who needs any sauce when you have a couple of these on your breakfast plate. The single big mushroom also was hitting the spot, I would have liked a couple more as it was really cooked to perfection and full of lovely mushroom juice.

Eggs wise, loved them too, loved getting two eggs, runny yolk, just cooked soft white and I liked that they came well seasoned with salt and cracked black pepper.

The beans, well they are beans aren’t they after all and have to be on the plate due to the law of the breakfast. Toast was lurking in the background and was used to mop up egg yolk and bean juice as always. I liked that they had softened the butter as well, which was a nice touch.

Nothing to complain about on this plate and everything to heap praise on, and I am doing 🙂


I do love a nice drink of tea and I love it even more when it comes in a fancy tea pot and china cup. I really enjoyed this pot and got at least 3 cups out of it. The only downside was all the real estate that it took on the table, and it was a wobbly table too so I spend a while worrying about it all falling off if I had need for some rapid fork and knife action. We survived though, the old ‘keep your foot on the table leg’ trick stabilised the situation.


I had heard that the sandwiches and panini here at the Old Bakery Tea Rooms are pretty decent. They come with crisps and a dressed salad garnish for £6.95

The panini were good, Mum had one with Bacon, Brie and Sweet Chilli jam and declared it to be a most tasty filling combination. The dressed salad and the plain crisps added value for money to the plate.

As good as it looked though, I was more than happy with my decision to have a breakfast at lunchtime 🙂

Upstairs they had a really lovely looking dining room and I could well imagine myself up there under those beams having a nice meal.

I see that they had a lasagne on the menu, I think I would have that if I was eating in at a proper table, and probably nice glass of el vino to assist with the scoffing. That is all for another day though, so for now I will sit replete and ponder on that excellent breakfast.


The Old Bakery Tea Rooms and Restaurant is located at 4 Queens Head Court, Newark NG24 1EL

Check them out on their Facebook page

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