G. H. Porter Provisions in Newark – My Favourite Bacon (and more)

G H Porter Provisons is one of my favorite delis and butchers in town and probably the whole country. Officially they describe themselves as ‘a smokery, butchery, and delicatessen‘ and have been trading here in Newark since 1890

I last wrote about this place in 2013 when I moved back to Nottingham from Chicago (read more here) and I have been coming back regularly ever since. It seems about time to post again 🙂

They have such an excellent selection of bacon, maybe the best I have ever found! It is not just Smoked and Plain, it’s maple cured, sugar pit, and triple smoked just to name a few more .

They also have a great range of sausages alongside good quality cuts of meat, their pork chops are very reliable, cut thickly and with a decent slice of fat left on.

More recently I have been drawn into buying and eating their Newark sausage which contains a mix of Pork, Stilton and Bramley apple


My default choice, and must have bacon from G H Porter is the Triple Smoked Shortback. On occasion I do toy with the Maple Cure Shortback which is a little sweeter, and sometimes I also get streaky, but mostly it is all about the Triple Smoked!

A note of caution, the bacon is smoked so well and has such a great aroma that if you leave it in your shopping bag with anything else then that smell will attach itself to the rest of the bag so you may want to keep it away from your clean cardie 🙂

I knew that they wood-smoke the meats on the premises but I did not know the whole story which they expand a bit more on their website.

Apparently the meat is “smoked in one of the worlds’s oldest smokehouses‘ one of ‘only a handful of meat smokeries left in the UK‘ and the ‘brick chamber has been blackened by years of smoking, ensuring a mouthwatering tender flavour

It is pretty easy to imagine once you taste and smell the aroma from their smoked bacon!


All around the walls of the shop are some fabulous deli counters filled with all sorts of treats. My favourite one is the one at the back of the shop next to the bacon slicer that houses all the cured meats and cheeses.

If you are a fan of local Stiltons, assorted blues, and smoked cheeses you are going to swoon over this section of the shop. I personally like a bit of smoked Wensleydale although I know I should be fawning over the Stilton, soz (not)

The baked goods at G H Porter provisions are also well worth trying. I first had a taste of their sausage rolls at the Newark Beer Festival back in 2017 (read more here) and ever since I pick one up for general snacking purposes when I come in to get some bacon

The pies are really good and they do have some more adventurous pies like Rabbit and Game if you fancy a change from your Steak & Kidney effort. I like that they put a little pastry cut out on each pies so that you can tell which ones you have. Often though I still forget 🙂

G.H. Porter Provisions are located at 1-3 Bridge Street, Newark, NG24 1EE. It is easy to spot in the corner of the market place with its large red and white canopy.

They have an excellent website where you can read all about their history, view and order their products. If you can though visit them in person as it is such an excellent shop and they are all really nice, welcoming and knowledgeable. You might want to take more than one bag though as I always end up with more than I originally planned to buy 🙂

You can also check them out on the usual social channels, their Facebook page, their Twitter Feed, and their Instagram profile all of which seem to get updated quite often so you can find out whats happening

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So sad that this fantastic business is closed as of today..a huge loss to Newark will be much missed!

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