Food near Tram – Nottingham to Hucknall

Route 1 – Nottingham to Hucknall

I have been trying to locate places to eat along the length of the Nottingham Tram System Route 1 between Nottingham and Hucknall.  In general I have been making use of the maps on the NET website that give you a 5 minute walking radius from each of the station stops. Here are links to some of the places I have found so far

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The Navigation Burger Bar ‘An easy recommedation – Eat Here’

“The burger sandwich had just about the right amount of salad filling, enough to add some crunch, some sweetness from the tomato, and enough to ease the conscience. I was quite a fan of the burger bun, it is a nice soft white flour bun. The juice from the burger soaked well into the top layer and the cheese had also oozed into the bread as well giving the sandwich a nice soft melty bite.”

Fellows, Morton, and Clayton – ‘Excellent Pulled Pork Sandwich.’

“It is what I would describe as a proper pub. It serves good, well kept beers and good wholesome home cooked food.”

Canal House Bar and Resturant– ‘Nice homemade Venison Burger’

“The really sweet red onion marmalade went well with the rich venison meat of the burger”

The Picnic Basket – ‘Family run deli’

“The picnic basket has a nice cafe area inside, they make plenty of good gourmet filled sandwiches.

Carrington’s – ‘for a Fish and Chips supper’

“I am not going to pretend that this is the best Fish and Chips in the world, but on a cold dingy evening it certainly worked for me”

Munch Munch chicken – ‘it’s cheap not cheep, but cheerful’

“The chicken wings are not bad, the breading is quite spicy, and the chicken is juicy…It is a lot better than most late night joints”

Granby Kitchen – ‘Good old fashioned greasy spoon café’

“The Granby Kitchen on Station Street is just the sort of place that you need to find when you are craving the traditional ‘greasy spoon’ café experience” [Restaurant now closed permanently]

Via Fossa Cask Room – ‘Real Ale and Pizza to go (or stay)’

” they have six pumps of real ale and they serve cheap pizza that you can eat and enjoy”



Lace Market Stop

Oscar and Rosies’ – Read about the launch it was awesome we ate Meat Sweats straight from the oven – more to be eaten and described watch out for that

“in the exciting new ‘Das Kino’ venue in Nottingham city centre. An off beat Brooklyn style bar, set over 2500 sq ft of extensively renovated grade 2 listed landmark building in the Lace Market. It’s to be found on Fletcher Gate, in the building that was previously Escucha, next door to The Cross Keys.”

Annie’s Burger Shack‘ in the Lace Market – “New Location, Continued Burger Excellence!”

“Annie’s Burger Shack has moved from being a small pop-up resturant at the Navigation Pub on Wilford Street to rather nice space in The Lace Market at 5 Broadway”

The White Rabbit “Scones, with Cream and Jam”

“Teas for two” served on a tiered cake stand, any Tea plus ‘One sandwich per person from the following options’; “Tuna & Sweet corn, Cream cheese & Cucumber, Egg Mayo, or Ham & Tomato” add to that a couple of ‘Scones with Cornish clotted cream & Raspberry jam’

Brew Dog – ‘Strong’, ‘Very Strong’ and ‘Really Quite Strong Indeed’

“Brew Dog is mostly about the beer, as it happens really very good beer. in their own words “Brew Dog is a post Punk apocalyptic mother fucker of a craft brewery.”

Broadway Cinema Café Bar – “Good Pulled Pork sandwich”

“Café and bar at the Broadway cinema, has some interesting sandwiches and a nice BBQ pulled pork sandwich”

Cafe Hockley – ‘I just can not walk past a Daily Specials board!’

“I was not even aware that I needed a sausage bap until I passed by the Café Hockley and saw their chalkboard advertising a sausage cob and a mug of tea for £2.50. Maybe I am a easy lay”

Edin’s Natural Kitchen – ‘ in Hockley for a weekend brunch stop’

“Edin’s Natural Kitchen is the child of Edin Gondzica local restaurateur who also runs the ‘bohemian’ cafe Edin’s on Broad Street.”

Hartley’s – ‘A Coffee and Sandwich Shop in Hockley’

“very friendly inside Hartley’s, welcoming and relaxed. The sandwiches are good and not a bad price. Excellent Coffee as well”

Pitcher and Piano ‘Munch for less’

“Inside the Pitcher and Piano it is just like being in a church that sells beer”

Denise’s Gingham Kitchen – ‘Honest homemade food’

“this is the sort of place my grandmother would have taken me to back in the 70′s and in many ways I loved it just for that. You will get a warm welcome and a decent honest plateful of homemade food”

The GB Café and Restaurant– ‘A Market Breakfast’

“The menu is essentially as many different ‘All day breakfast’ type dishes as you could possibly dream up”

Wired–  ‘for Coffee..and more at the Wired Café bar’

“on the edge of the Creative quarter on Pelham Street in Nottingham City Centre… a perfect location if you are looking for a sandwich or a coffee


Old Market Square

The Alley Café  creative vegetarian, vegan, and organic food from around the world’ at the end of an Alley

“even though it was a veggie burger, it was an imaginative used of hemp seeds to make a burger patty. As a devout meat eater I would happily eat here and would probably not miss my meat too much.”

Bagel Nash – ‘Quite possibly the best bagel I have tasted in Nottingham’

“I really liked this bagel. I am not saying that I have been converted into mass bagel consumption but I might be tempted into having more than one a year”

Bagel Nash – ‘Quite possibly the best bagel I have tasted in Nottingham’

“I really liked this bagel. I am not saying that I have been converted into mass bagel consumption but I might be tempted into having more that one a year.

The Cheese Shop Deli and Café – “Seriously Tasty Sandwiches”

“Specializes in lots of good quality British and Continental cheeses and meats.”

The Crafty Crow –’ Real Ale and Craft Beer and Local Food’

“I do like the concept of the Crafty Crow, they do have a lot of beers on offer, and they have recognised the distinction between the Real Ale drinkers and the Craft Beer drinkers. The menu has a lot of promise

The Castle Pub “Good Beer and ‘Takeaway Fish and Chips’ Indoors”

The Chip Shop Menu” invites us or perhaps emplores the patrons to ‘Enjoy a selection of your favourite British dishes to eat in or takeaway’.

Delilah in Nottingham– ‘Great Food, Great Deli’

“I really enjoyed my trip to delilah’s, the sandwiches were more than ‘great’ and I loved browsing through their deli sections”

4500 Miles from Delhi -a ‘contemporary Delhi restaurant’

“I liked the Chicken Hariyali best. The flavour of the mint and coriander on the Chicken Hariyali was so tangy and pronounced that it made my mouth water”

The Malt Cross-“Home made burgers and Good Beer”

“An old Victorian Music hall selling good pints of beer and some pretty decent homemade hamburgers as well”

Fothergill’s‘This is my Friday Heaven a Fish Pie washed down with a bottle of Goose Island 312″

“You can consider Fothergills to be an excellent port of call on any beer hunting trip around this part of town, it is also a really good spot for a nice meal out with friends.”

The Roundhouse – ‘Excellent Food and Beer’

“The Roundhouse does not just have an interesting, well balanced and reasonably priced selection of food on it’s menu, it also has a pretty good selection of well kept beers as well.”

Roosters Piri-Piri Chicken – ‘spicy and mouth watering’

“The spicy piri-piri chicken was pretty hot and the lemon & herb sauce just cut into that spice and kind of eased the heat slightly. It was genuinely mouth watering”

The Bank – ‘Cheap Pub style All Day Breakfast and more’

“Serves value priced food and has many daily offer”

The Hawksley ‘An all encompassing menu chalkboard offering your standard bar food’

“The Hawksley on Derby Road is another one of the Nottingham City Centre pubs that features part of the cave system”

The Ned Ludd ‘Craft Beers and “locally sourced, artisan food”

“just up from the Market Square on Friar Lane… “The Ned Ludd’s menu concentrates on high quality, locally sourced, artisan food – done simply but using imagination, with beer, wine or cider matched perfectly to each dish”

The Warsaw Diner – ‘A plate of “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” ‘

“As breakfasts go this was as good as any I have had when I lived in the States and it is the closest thing to an American style breakfast than anything I have seen in the UK.”

Yo Yo Noodle – ‘fast fresh decent cheap noodles’

”…as the name suggests they specialize in selling noodles”

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem –  ‘You have to walk here from the Square!’

“The Trip is one of the classic ‘go to’ pubs in Nottingham”


Royal Centre

Bistro Pierre – ‘A Soirée Gastronomique’

“Le Bistro Pierre describe the Soirée Gastronomique menu as ‘These specially designed menus embrace all that’s great about dining in France – hearty and robust provincial cooking, great variety and outstanding value”.

Loch Fyne – a leisurely set lunch

“I opted for the “Loch Fyne Charcuterie Plate”. This turned out to be a slate plate covered in a ‘pile’ of Prosciutto, cured wild boar, salami Perugino, covered in a zesty micro green salad.”

Soulville Steakhouse “Unique steakhouse with a motown and classic soul theme”

“I like the Soulville Steakhouse, it is pretty much what it says it is. It is a Steakhouse with a Soul Music theme what more do you need to know?”

Langtrys’ – ‘Good old fashioned pub with some decent beer and food’

“Pulled Pork in Thirsty Farmer Cider” – Outdoor reared local pork, braised for up to 8 hours until succulent! Served with sage and onion stuffing and our apple and real cider chutney served in a soft bap’.

Long Island American Diner ‘ a few American Diner classics’

“…a flavour of their menu emploring you to “Come along and try our delicious American food from corn dogs, burgers, steaks, ribs, hot dogs and milkshakes and plenty more!”

Wagamama- ‘Falling slightly off the tracks’

“I really just needed a bowl of warming spicy chicken noodle soup and perhaps some nice soft dumplings or potstickers, just to perk me up…”


Nottingham Trent University

Dickies Dog House – Nice Sausages but not your typical USA Hot Dog emporium

“excellent sausages which come from JT Beedhams”

Ruby Jean’s Diner at Spanky Van Dykes

“As UK based US style diners go, the menu at Ruby Jeans Diner is pretty authentic, it would be nice to see it served in a old school diner.”

The Orange TreeFriday night sandwiches

“During term time it is often packed to the rafters with students from the nearby city campus and in the summer you can have a lively yet relaxed evening chilling in the backyard beer garden.”


The Forest

New Art Exchange – ‘Home-cooked’ food in Hyson Green

“the Chef’s Specials that stood out as being worth further investigation, by which I mean that I wanted to eat them all.”

Medina Food Store’ + ‘Shariff & Sons Superstore – ‘Ethnic Goodies in Hyson Greens’

“These two stores in Hyson Green are pretty much your one-stop-shops for anything you might need for those Indian and Asian recipes”


Hyson Green Market

Tramwiches– ‘the perfect name for a Sandwich shop by the Tram’

“I decided to forgo the easy option of a bacon butty and went for one of it’s close relatives a “Tramwich BLT”.

Polish Butcher, Polish Sausage, Rzeźnik polski, Kiełbasa polska

“Up on Radford Road just across from the Hyson Green Tram stop is a rather good Polish Butcher. It’s quite easy to spot and find as it is called ‘Polish Butcher’.”


Basford Tram Stop

Butter Fingers” in Basford, is actually a ‘safe pair of hands’ foodwise

“I like to think that is called ‘butterfingers’ ironically as they did not seem to drop anything making my cob”


Bulwell Tram Stop sign

The Coffee Shop–  ‘If you like gravy you will probably like this’

“…it was a reasonable meal that well and truly filled me up. It was a little bit of an ode to the school dinner…”

Big Eats – ‘Nice Roast Pork Cobs’

“I am always happy to be directed off the main parts of the high street down a side alley by a food chalk board. I am doubly happy when I see the words ‘Hot Pork, stuffing, and cob’.”

The William Peverell – It’s a Pub

“Overall the beer was quite nice actually jolly decent, as for my meal…”


Moor Bridge Tram Stop

The Sandwich Bar – ‘A nice ‘bacon butty’ by the tram line’

“A sign board outside suggests that they have the “Best Bacon Butties”. OK so I am not that much of a sucker to be drawn in by such claims, but I did suddenly fancy a Bacon Butty”


Hucknall Tran Stop sign

Yummie Tummies’  – Cob Shop in Hucknall

“There was a good selection on the chalk board ranging across the standard Panini, Cob, and Toasted Sandwich options. They were offering a Roast Cob of the Day which I might have chosen if it had been a Roast Pork one,”

‘The Pilgrim Oak’ – there was life at the end of the line 

“It has been a while since we took a trip to the end of the line on the Tram so we rode up to Hucknall to see what we could find for supper. It turned out that The Pilgrim Oak was the place to be on a Friday night”

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  1. This is a fantastic blog, and something that Nottingham has needed for a long time! I come from Nottingham but live in London (for which there are millions of foodie blogs), and whenever I go back to Notts I have never known where to eat, or where to look for recommendations. Not any more! My stomach and I are very grateful 😉

    I’m wondering, which restaurants in the town centre would you most recommend?

  2. wallace says:

    you should check out shabab naan kebab on radford road

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