After the pub crawl – Gourmet Burger Nottingham

OK so after several pints of English Ale it was time to find some food to soak it all up. I really fancied a burger of some sort but I was in England and to be honest it is not as easy to find a good one here at 10pm as it would have been in Chicago. Wandering or stumbling away from Langtrys Bar we arrived at the Gourmet Burger restaurant, which is a New Zealand chain, I know! New Zealand, not quite what you would have expected, but I have been here before and my overriding memory was that it was one, good, and two, seriously overpriced, buts let not forget we had just consumed a lot of beer so the memory of it being good was fresh in the mind, the memory about how much it cost was not going to kick in for a couple of hours yet when we had to pay for it.

There were some similarities to being in Chicago, just like in Five Guys there were bags of Monkey Nuts that you could crunch through while you waited for your burger to be cooked, that was lost on everyone but me, but I did appreciate this little touch. Not too much later and the burgers arrived.

I had chosen “The Wellington” burger which was described simply as a Beefburger with Mushroom, horseradish sauce, rocket and mayo with a soft sesame bun. For Rocket read Arugala, pretty much the same thing, a nice crunchy peppery salad leaf, together with the horseradish sauce it made for quite a savoury spicy flavour, the big chunky mushroom slices also added to what was a pretty good beer soaking up meal. I did get some onion rings to go with it, but they were a bit dry and uninteresting so I just offered them to the table,

I was happy enough with just my burger.  The burgers are made from 100% West Country beef and I was so glad when they asked me how I wanted it cooking, as then I knew it was at least going to be cooked to order and it had a chance of coming out with some juice left intact.

Now just in case you wonder if my mind was capable of determining any level of quality at this point, I have eaten here sober, and it was still pretty good in the clear light of day.

Website:  this branch is located at 10 Trinity Square in Nottingham just between the Cornerhouse complex and the Victoria Centre. It is within the 5 minute walking radius from both the Royal Centre, and the Old Market Square NET stops.

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  1. PW says:

    If you’ve not been to Kumas in Chicago then you should. Belmont blue I think +short hop on a bus. The burgers are amazing and the bar is definitely an experience.

    1. I have not been there yet, but I have my eye on the ‘pig destoyer’!

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