Spring Lane Farm Shop "Please sir, Can I have ANOTHER Scotch Egg?"

Ok it’s all getting a bit out of hand on the Scotch Egg consumption front! After a year and a half in Chicago where I had located and consumed the grand total of two scotch eggs, I am becoming overwhelmed with the plethora of opportunity here in the UK. When I was last over here you were bombarded by them at every garage forecourt (gas station) and supermarket counter, but now they are popping up everywhere, from every farm shop and  farmer’s market where they have them to tempt you alongside the bacon and sausages. I have even been accosted in a local pub where they had homemade ones on the bar counter.

Am I complaining? Of course not, I am in heaven. It’s almost as easy to get a good scotch egg over here now, as it is to pick up a Chicago Style Hot Dog as I roam the streets of Chicago via the El.


This week I thought I had eaten the best one yet courtesy of the Grasmere Farm in Leicestershire, but within days that was surpassed by the efforts of the Spring Lane Farm Shop in Mapperley Plains, Nottingham. To be honest it should have been of no surprise as I had already commented on how good their eggs are, so all they had to do was wrap one of those golden beauties in a really tasty sausage wrapper and then we all should be winners.


So I know it looks just like any other egg of which I have posted a picture. Equally misshapen and essentially a big ball of bread crumble coated sausage meat, so how is this the best so far and different? Well the first ingredient the egg had a rich creamy yolk and the encasing sausage meat had this great taste that was reminiscent of pork pie meat. Nothing like I had tasted quite like before. Apart from that  the ultimate accolade came from my Mother who usually wil accept a quarter slice of an egg if offered, on this occasion she was in for an equal share and wanted a whole half herself. Lucky that we bought two and there is still one left in the fridge for a surruptious late night snack.

How will I cope back in the US without these delights? I am seriously considering a Scotch Egg Food Truck so that I can share this with everyone else.

Spring Lane Farm Shop in Mapperley Plains, Nottingham: http://www.springlanefarmshop.co.uk

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