Austrian Sausages in Derbyshire England? Well why not!


A Sunday afternoon drive in the Derbyshire countryside should have been accompanied by a traditional sunday roast dinner in a country pub, but in the village of Bakewell I was drawn into sampling some sausages at the Tiroler Stuberl Austrian Coffee shop and Sausage Importer. Tiroler Stuberl is a small Family Business that has been serving the local community as well as many visitors to Bakewell for nearly 20 years.
They have a nice outdoor eating area and on this past weekend it was even nice enough make use of that space  to eat out.


As I checked out the menu I swear that the wood man head on the wall was giving me the evil eye, was I going to make the right choice or would I blow it by making the wrong selection? I was confident that I had all the sausage related answers, but I was not going to blink, just in case. There were a whole selection of Austrian sausages on offer. Kaesekrainer – smokey with lumps of Emmental cheese, Puszta Wurst – coarse, spicy with peppers, garlic and paprika, Hungarian Style, Waldviertler – very dark beech wood smoked, a hearty sausage, a traditional Austrian Bratwurst, Wiener Wuerstel – lovely smokey and meaty Frankfurters with a chutney bite,Debreciner – slightly spicy, smooth with garlic and paprika, a Hot and spicy Debreciner – about 10 inches long with a good bit of heat, a Knackwurst – big and chunky, and a Landjaeger – air dried and firm.
I would have loved to have had some sort of sampler plate but in the end we restricted ourselves to a pair of Kaeskrainer, and a Bratwurst on a toasted bun.


Together with some yellow mustard these were both fantastic choices. The Bratwurst somewhat unfairly had to compete with the Kaeskrainer, it was never going to be able to win.  Although it was solid, smokey and meaty, the Kaeskrainer was spicy and oozed cheese as you cut into it. It reminded me of a venison sausage that I once had that was stuffed with jalopeno cheese. Although the picture shows some ketchup I can assure you that was not my doing, it was ‘dressed’ that way when it arrived. Clearly the same rules do not apply in Vienna as in Chicago where ‘you never put ketchup on a hot dog’.

Although I would not suggest flying over just to sample these sausages, if you hit up Austria or find somewhere in the states to but them then I recommend trying them.

It might be worth checking out Gene’s Sausage Shop in Lincoln Square

Tiroler Stuberl Austrian Coffee shop is Located at Water Street, Bakewell, Derbyshire

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  1. Dear My foodhunt,
    I would just like to thank you for that lovely blog about Tiroler Stuberl and glad that you enjoyed your meal with us.We are currently setting up a website if you want any more information.It is always great to hear that people have enjoyed the sausages.We now post them all over GB.
    Julie Leichtfried

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