Granby Kitchen – Good old fashioned greasy spoon cafe

Granby Kitchen menu board

The Granby Kitchen on Station Street is just the sort of place that you need to find when you are craving the traditional ‘greasy spoon’ cafe experience. I say that in the kindest terms as well. It is a cheap and cheerful small cafe tucked away in the row of shops adjacent to Nottingham railway station and about 1 minute walk from the entrance to the Station Street Tram Station. It closes at 1.30 in the week and I got there just after 1 o’clock but they still had the time to make me a breakfast cob.

Granby Breakfast Cob

It was a somewhat large sandwich or cob. Two pieces of bacon, two sausages of the banger variety, an egg and some scattered cheese. In fact it was too much filling for the cob to take and fold easily. In the end I removed the sausages and ate them separately so that I could close the cob to eat it. It was one of those meals that you know is so wrong yet oh so right at the same time. I don’t really have any qualms about eating it, I just guess that sadly it is not a sandwich that I could have every day. Secretly or not so secretly I expect that quite a few people have this on their guilty pleasures list.

More Granby menu options

I was well and truly stuffed after eating that sandwich, but it was not the largest option on the menu, there were many more gut busting options and “The Works” should be on a food eating challenge board. Although this is my sort of place, it is in an especially dangerous location for me as I now have to pass it every time I head out on to the Nottingham Tram network looking for food.

Located at 15 Station Street, and really close to the first tram stop at Station Street.

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