Brew Dog – ‘Strong’, ‘Very Strong’ and ‘Really Quite Strong Indeed’ Craft Beers

Brew Dog beer mat

Brew Dog is mostly about the beer, as it happens really very good beer. in their own words BrewDog is a post Punk apocalyptic mother fucker of a craft brewery.” So you might be thinking beer with some sort of attitude. Inside though it is a bit of an industrial design, wood and metal, plus a lot of chalkboard action, boards listing beer, and cartoon pictures of the staff too.

Brew Dog Beer Menu Brew Dog beer More Beer Menu

I had to take the advice of Dan behind the bar on which beer to try first. I like a light beer with not too strong a hoppy flavour, having spent the last few years over in the states I had gotten used to their craft beer style, so he recommended the ‘Punk IPA’ at 5.4%. We did get a few tastes of the other options as well, but that was the one for me. It was as sold a nice crisp craft beer, pale in color, and with a good clean taste. There is a somewhat graphic description on their website so I will let you read that here instead of copying it all out for you. The next choice was the guest brew ‘My Antonia’ this was a much stronger 7.5% and this was served in a half pint glass due to the strength. It was also a pretty decent beer, very much american craft beer style, brewed by Dogfish Head craft brewery  and described on their website as a ‘continually-hopped imperial pilsner. This lager for ale lovers is citrusy, sweet and refined.” pretty much spot on I would have said.

Cheese Board at Brew Dog Brew Dog Pork Pie

Brew Dog is primarily a beer pub so don’t go there expecting a massive food selection. They do however have a number of bar snacks to help the beer wash down. We got a small cheese and meat board, which was basically as pictured above, four bits of assorted cheeses, three meats, some bread, pickle and crackers. Most of the food came from the local Delilah deli. There was also a rather tasty Pork Pie locally produced by the Hartland family which has lived and baked in the Nottinghamshire village of Cotgrave for over fifty years.

Brew Dog Food Menu

Apart from the cheese and meat board, and the pork pie, there were just a few other snacks available, some scotch eggs which were sadly sold out when I was there, and some kabanos sausage which we also missed out on. Still there is enough on the list to keep you going while supping beer. Believe me you need something as some of those beers are really damn strong.

Brew Dog Staff Board

As I mentioned earlier there was some excellent chalkboard action. We particularly liked the chalkboard of the staff. We were served and entertained by Dan, who as you can see cannot have a beard as Andy has one. I love a game of Beer Bar Guess who.

Brew Dog in Nottingham is located at 20 – 22 Broad Street, the nearest tram stop is probably the one at the Lace Market.

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