Carringtons for a Fish and Chips supper


Carringtons Fish Bar

After a pint a Fellows, Morton, and Clayton’s I walked out into the cold foggy and somewhat icy evening air and headed back out up Carrington Street towards the train station. I was struggling to find anything quick to eat as I was running out of time, then I walked by Carringtons, a traditional Fish and Chips shop.


Carringtons Special Board

I really did not think that I could eat a great big bag of Fish and Chips but then I saw that they had a special of a Mini-Fish with chips for just £2.80. I reckoned I could just about manage that so I walked in.

Mini Fish and Chips at Carringtons

I am not going to pretend that this is the best Fish and Chips in the world, but on a cold dingy evening it certainly worked for me. The batter was both crunchy and greasy (if that makes sense), the fish was wet and juicy, not too bad at all. The chips were kind of hard and dry but doused in vinegar and sprinkled in salt I started to quite enjoy them. Lets face it you cannot go too far wrong for the price. It has been a while since I got a chippy tea in a plastic tray and so I was not too unhappy

Carringtons Fish and Chip shop is at 89 Carrington Street, just around the corner from, and about 5 minutes walk from the Station Street tram terminus

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  1. Jennifer says:

    This is our favourite Chippy in Nottingham. I work locally and pop in for lunch here for myself and my colleagues. The staff are always friendly and the guys that run it are always very accommodating

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