“Tramwiches” the perfect name for a Sandwich shop by the Tram!


I alighted from the Tram on Shipstone street and walked back down along Radford Road towards Hyson Green looking for some tram side food outlets to get some lunch. About 5 minutes walk down just before the Hyson Green stop I saw the chalkboard and sign for “Tramwiches”. This had to be an omen, what a perfect name for a Sandwich shop alongside the NET Tram line! I had really intended to hunt out something more ethnic but lets be honest when you are writing a blog featuring food outlets on the Nottingham Tram Line, how can you resist a place called Tramwiches?

So I went in

Tramwich BLT

Inside Tramwiches it was a simple sandwich shop, with all the main menu items, omelettes, breakfast sandwiches, all day breakfast, the usual fare. There was a lady working her way through a plate of baked beans on toast while reading one of the daily tabloids and she seemed happy enough with her lot, so I was feeling somewhat optimistic.

I decided to forgo the easy option of a bacon butty and went for one of it’s close relatives a “Tramwich BLT”. I was not sure quite what to expect, but when it arrived it was a soft white bap with a couple of good salty slices of fried bacon on top of a thin layer of shredded lettuce and a couple of slices of tomato. You know what? this might not have been pretty but it was really quite good. It helped that I had a few minutes to sit while the nice chap who was running the place was frying up my bacon, that glorious bacon frying smell certainly gets the juices flowing in anticipation. I asked for a tea to go with it and was quite delighted to get a big steaming mug of tea, excellent stuff.

This is quite a good place to stop off at, and really good prices too, my small BLT (which was quite big really) was only £2 and the tea was just 80p. Not at all bad.

‘Tramwiches’ is at 211 Radford Rd. The closest Tram location is the south heading Hyson Green Market stop, just next to the big ASDA store

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  1. Dean wood says:

    Dirty grotty tramwhiches scruffy appearance need major improvement people with mental health were customers out of date food no proper customs n a owner u think is urate but stabs u in the bck n is no cafe owner just a foreign scum bag

  2. myfoodhunt says:

    I haven’t been for about 8 years and was not sure that it was still open. Last time I passed was boarded up but they must have reopened then. Probably different people now, might check it out next time I am passing that way

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