Fellows for a pint before the football

Fellows Morton and Clayton Nottingham EPA

It all started off so well, I arrived at the Fellows, Morton, and Clayton Pub just before 7pm, got myself a pint, and settled down to peruse the food specials board. I was genuinely surprised to see some really quite tempting options on there, the two that stood out were an “8hr slow cooked ox cheek with sweet potato mash, green beans and shallots for £8.50”, and a “haggis, black pudding and a whisky sauce for £5.50”. Then it all went horribly wrong, I heard a chap at the bar ask if they were still doing food, and heard the answer I did not want to hear which was “no”. Damn. Sadly they stop food at 3pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, but they serve until 8pm (wed/thurs) 9pm (Fri/Sat), 6pm (sun).

Still I did have a nice pint in front of me of Nottingham EPA which was quite decent, it took a while to clear but was quite smooth with a little bitter hint. The Nottingham Brewery website describe it as “a light coloured, exceptionally well balanced smooth ale with a light fragrant hop finish”. Sadly though I needed some food so there was just going to be the one pint consumed here. Fellows, Morton, and Clayton pub is at 54 Canal Street and is worth checking out.

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