Bacon Butties at Daleside Cafe

Daleside Cafe Daleside Cafe Sign

The Daleside Café is just off the roundabout on the A612 about 2-3 minutes drive in the car from the Nottingham race course at the Daleside auto car showroom.

I don’t know if it was at the same location or if there had been another location before this for Daleside café, but a random fact for those who liked the show Boon in the 90’s was that a Daleside café was the film location for a Bikers’ café where Ken meets Joe, Mo and Lolita while undercover as a Hells Angel tracking down a stolen motorbike in the episode undercover*

This Daleside Café, surrounded by Arfur Daleyesque used cars, is your classic greasy spoon emporium. I have only been in here on a Sunday when the menu seems to be much more limited to your all-day-breakfast items. Midweek apparently according to some of my colleagues who work over the road you can get a hot roast cob and an assortment of paninis. I imagine that it must do a reasonable trade as there is a lot of room inside for patrons and I would say around 20 or so tables, all covered with red plastic check tablecloths

Daleside Bacon Butty.Opened Bacon and Mushroom Butty

I was playing it pretty safe and initially decided to just have a Bacon Butty then I took a little chance and upgraded slightly to make it a Bacon and Mushroom Butty. It was an OK bap, nothing too amazing, but nothing too bad either. The bacon was your slightly salty affair, plentiful would probably be the kindest description. The bacon could have been a little bit crispier I suppose, but I didn’t mind it as it was. The mushrooms had seen some serious frying action and tasted more of the frying pan than a mushroom, but it is amazing what a good drop of Brown Sauce can do to transform even your basic butty into something more delicious. Overall for just £2.45 you could not go far wrong for a late Sunday morning snack.

Daleside Menu Options

There was a selection of breakfast plates each with ever expanding contents which could perhaps be used as a barometer to measure ones ever expanding waist line. Starting with your small breakfast for £4 with just one of each item, you then progress up to the large and then the Monty Breakfast with 2 and then 3 of each item the price expanding at the same time to £5 then £6. Although I do like a cooked breakfast I don’t think that I would be attempting a Monty any time soon.

As I said earlier the Daleside café is your classic greasy spoon and it has clientele and staff to match, so just expect to be served greasy breakfasts, mugs of builders tea and a selection of tabloid newspapers to peruse while your stomach absorbs the fat.

Daleside café is located at Daleside Road, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG2 4DH. I am not sure if that is technically Sneinton or Colwick Loop road. Either way of you head down the A612 around about the Racecourse you will find it on the roundabout opposite to the Virgin Cable building. It is well signposted as well in both directions.

* Boon reference (credit to Martin Underwood)

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