Breakfast at the Daleside Cafe

Daleside Cafe is located on Daleside Road in Nottingham attached to the Daleside Autos. It is just off the roundabout to the East Point Retail park where the Aldi is on the A612 near the racecourse.

I first came here and wrote about the place in 2013 when I was intrigued to find that an episode of Boon was filmed here back in 1990. That seemed to be the best thing to say about the place at the time or at least the most memorable. I seemed to have partaken of a bacon and mushroom cob on that day.

Today I had been to Aldi to get compost and saw the sign across the road, under the pretence of getting a cup of tea I suggested popping over to have a look. The true intent in my mind and mission was to hunt out some sort of greasy spoon breakfast


Apart from the increased prices (and the removal of a cup of a tea / coffee in the offers) the breakfast menu seems to have remain unchanged with offering of Small, Large, and Monty sized breakfasts.

I am not sure that I could manage a Monty Breakfast these days? A plate of “3 Bacon, 3 Sausage, 2 Eggs, 2 Hash Browns or 2 Black Pudding, Mushrooms, Beans & Tomato with 2 Toast or 2 Bread and Butter” sounds like way too much breakfast fodder to me.

Having said that if it was a straight choice between the Large and the Monty I could see how one could be persuaded as for just 50p more you get an extra bacon, sausage ,hash brown or black pudding. So you probably would. I didn’t though as I am not crazy


I remained calm and composed as I stuck to my guns ordering just a Small Breakfast, listed as “1 Bacon, 1 Sausage, 1 Egg, Beans & Tomatoes, Toast or Bread and Butter” for £6.

All those years ago when I first visited it was £4 and you got a cup of tea. Time has moved on, inflation and all that.

Visibly and practically there are issues but lets start with the positives, the egg had a very golden yolk, was soft and runny. The bacon despite being buried under a mound of tinned tomato was well cooked to be nice and crispy. The toast was toasted properly so that it had actual colour on it.

The over generous application of ‘butter’ or ‘spread’ to be more accurate was alarming. The use of the sausage as a bridge or barrier between the beans and the tinned tomatoes was unusual to say the least. Though to be fair it was effective, personally if I had thought about it I would have declined the tomato

The sausage itself was at least cooked with enough crisp to add some texture even though it was true catering level inside.

I like a proper sausage but don’t mind these types when on a greasy spoon breakfast. There is not really a place for a posh sausage in a place like this to be honest it would be totally out of place.

In the end I didn’t eat all the tomato or the beans but I did enjoy my egg and bacon

I could conclude by saying that the plate was vibrant and colourful, I won’t though 🙂

Now what to say next?

OK so I do love a greasy spoon breakfast whatever the quality of the ingredients or the state of the plate.

So for the record I was actually satisfied, reasonably full, and kind of enjoyed what I ate.

Daleside Cafe is located on Daleside Road, Nottingham, NG2 4DH just off the A612 by Aldi

As well as breakfasts they do hot and cold rolls, burgers, omelettes, jacket potatoes and paninis.

I saw an omelette with chips being served up alongside us and it looked like a nice big plateful. I might try that another time.

The pork cobs are popular (I remember eating one years back) and they do a Roast Dinner on a Sunday and have daily specials on the board

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