Relish – Cosy Sandwich Shop by Trent Bridge

Relish Cafe

The Relish Café is tucked away in the Trent House building on Pavilion Road. It is quite a small place, just about enough room for a couple of customers to order lunch. As long as you don’t need to move around too much you will be OK

Relish Chalk Board

There seems to be a lot of Chalk Board action these days on the streets near to Trent Bridge with all the cafés vying for trade and Relish is not holding back either. Their board is a bit more colourful that the others (someone got a box of coloured chalk for Christmas). They were advertising some familiar standard offerings with bacon and sausage sandwiches, and Roast Pork and Roast Chicken cobs. They were also offering up Shepherd’s Pie which I quite fancied having.

Roast Pork Cob

Now I know that some bright spark will make the comment that I have just eaten ANOTHER roast pork cob, it wasn’t my fault honestly (it was just there) they had sold out of the homemade shepherds pie. I would have had that and I was a little saddened to see the empty tray on the counter. I made a mental note that I need to get there earlier next time.

I was happy enough though with my Roast Pork Cob, the meat was still juicy and there was a fair amount of it, the crackling was nice and crunchy, but not too hard so it was still a safe bite. There was a lot of stuffing, I would have liked a bit more juice or a bit of gravy, but I am not complaining (just hoping). It was not bad value either just under £3 for my cob.

They do have your typical sandwich bar selections on offer cheese, ham, tuna, salads etc, but it does seem that the specials are pretty popular so you need to take an early lunch and get there pretty quick if you want to make sure you get one.

Relish is located at Trent House, Pavilion Road in West Bridgford and there are a few parking spaces outside as well which is a bonus. The other bonus is that the banks of the River Trent are just a 100yds away so if it is nice out this is a perfect spot to pick up a sandwich to take over to the river for a wander and a bite.

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  1. The roast pork cobs are also good for stashing in your pocket & eating in the City Ground before a match. Get yourself a cup of Bovril in the ground too for a highly meaty encounter 🙂

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