The Bath Inn featuring the Fish and Chips special


The Bath Inn on the corner of overlooking Sneinton Market is a proper old fashioned local pub that has these days been split into a fish and chip shop, the Bath Fryer, on one side and the Bath Inn on the other side. It was a bit of a surprise and somewhat surreal find a chip shop pub combo, but also a most welcome find this past Friday when on the hunt for a snack of sort sort to soak up the beer

We ordered the mini fish and chip special for £6 which was a plate of battered mini haddock fillet, chips, and mushy peas with a pint of beer. I posted a picture and one of my US colleagues liked the look of the plate but was a bit unsure of the ‘green sauce’. I just explained that the ‘green stuff’was mushy peas, which is like English caviar. If we take it on face value this was pretty good value, although the main problem was that once you have stuffed your face with Fish and Chips you will struggle to drink that pint of beer (who am I kidding?)

The Bath Fryer is located in the Bath Inn on Handel Street in Nottingham. It is just across from the Leisure Center at the back of the market slab square area

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