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Wired Coffee Shop

The Wired Café bar is on the edge of the Creative quarter on Pelham Street in Nottingham City Centre. It has only been open for a couple of months and has already been creating an impression in the world of coffee in Nottingham. Located just down from the Lace Market Tram stop and not far from the Old Market Square Tram stop it is in a perfect location if you are looking for a sandwich or a coffee when you are out in the centre.

Wired Latte

It is all about the coffee at Wired where they have one of those big shiny coffee machines (well actually it is white), what is it called again? ah yes on their website they remind us “We’ve got a La Marzocco and we’re not afraid to use it!“. Apparantly this is some sort of really fantastic coffee maker, so good they have been making them in Florence since 1927. I don’t really do the whole grown up coffee thing but I understand that at Wired they do and it is pretty dang good. I just had a Latte which is about my level, I liked it, even though I had no sugar it actually tasted a little bit sweet at the end.

When I visited this weekend I was really drawn in by the chalkboard of food options, and the coffee was a kind of secondary thought.

Posh Breakfast Chalkboard Posh Breakfast

It was still early enough for breakfast we were on the cusp of brunch so I felt that I was justified in having one of Wired’s “Posh Breakfasts”. This was essentially a toasted muffin topped with a poached egg, some oven roasted vine tomatoes and a scattering of rocket leaves. I took up the option to add some crispy bacon as well which took my outlay from £5.25 to £5.90, which seeing as how I received two slices of back bacon for my extra 65p was pretty good value. This was a really good breakfast / brunch option, plenty of the good healthy stuff and also enough of that lovely egg and bacon breakfast stuff too. The perfect compromise.

sandwich menuChicken Sandwich

When it comes to lunch options there were plenty of other choices on the sandwich front, mostly classics with just a little twist. On our table we sampled the Chicken sandwich which was combined with fresh roasted peppers, rocket and tarragon mayo. The twist in this case being the tarragon mayo, which to be honest I worried would be overpowering, it wasn’t it was quite subtle with just a backnote of a tarragon hint at the end of each bite. Now that I have sampled a bit of this sandwich I am keen to come back and try a little more. The Roasted ham with Lincolnshire Poacher cheese and chilli jam is tickling my fancy. Next time maybe?

They also sell cake!
They also sell cake!

The Wired Café Bar is located at 42 Pelham Street and as I said earlier it is close to both the Lace Market and the Old Market Square Trams Stops. You can check them out on both Twitter and on Facebook or just stop in when in town for a coffee and a cake, sit a while and read the papers. Sounds like a plan to me.

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  1. Must be a great place to grab a coffee and the food looks equally amazing. Will definitely drop by the first chance I get!

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