This is my Friday Heaven – Fothergill’s Fish Pie washed down with a bottle of Goose Island 312


Over the last 6 months a visit to Fothergills has become one of our Friday traditions. On occasion as I slump down into one of their comfy leather arm chairs I wonder if it is a little bit on the classy side for those of us on a Real Ale pub crawl around Nottingham City Centre? Then I check myself and go all Derek Trotter ‘This is a bit of me!”

US Beers list at Fothergills

Bottles of 312

So why do we really come here? We come for the Goose Island 312, and even though it costs us almost  £5 a bottle we just have to have that one treat a week, a little moment of joy, and for me a little nod to the memories of my adopted US City of Chicago.

Fothergills Specials Board

On occasions we do eat here, not enough I have to say as there is so much to graze on as you pass through this great city of ours. This night though the Fothergills Special Menu Board was shouting at me as I sipped on my 312, pleading its case to make me happy, and I relented, gave in to temptation, and asked for a table.

Fothergills Fish Pie

What was it that captured the attention of my grumbling stomach? It was the promise of the Fish Pie described on the menu as “Homemade Fish Pie filled with Haddock, Salmon, North Atlantic Prawns and Garden Peas, served with Crispy Kale and Green Beans” for  £12. This was an inspired choice, it was both a well crafted classic and also a plate of comforting comfort food. My only problem was that it was too large and too easy to eat and combined with that I suffered a total lack of self control eating the whole pie dish full. This could have served two people, skinny people probably, but lets be honest if ‘anyone’ had waved their fork in the direction of my plate they would have received no joy and quite possibly a firm and stern withering stare to express my disdain at their audacious attempt to ‘assist’

Now that I have time to ponder my choices, perhaps I will try something smaller next time I am in here, I did see a “Homemade Warm Scotch Egg, served with fresh watercress and rustic bread” for £6.75″ on the specials board. That could really work for me. Away from the specials another bite of choice from the menu could be the Slow Roasted Pork Belly for £11.50 described as “Roast pork with fondant potatoes baked with fresh garlic served with crispy courgette fritters and cider apple cream

Fothergills Window

You can check out the menus on the Fothergills website and also follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Watson Fothergills is only a five minute walk up from the Old Market Square Tram Stop. Located at 5-7 Castle Road near to the castle, you can consider Fothergills to be an excellent port of call on any beer hunting trip around this part of town, it is also a really good spot for a nice meal out with friends. If you want another not so independent comment on this place, you can read about another one of our visits here on the blog.

Bottle of 312

The last word though has to be for the Goose Island 312 and those words are from the source, the Goose Island Brewery in Chicago “Inspired by the city of Chicago and densely populated with flavor, 312’s spicy aroma of Cascade hops is followed by a crisp, fruity ale flavor delivered in a smooth, creamy body that’s immensely refreshing” – What they said

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  1. Alex Maslen says:

    The Fothergills Sunday Roast is one of my favourites in Notts. Wish I appreciated Real Ale as I reckon this would be a good one!

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