Friday night at Fellows, Morton, and Clayton for a Club Sandwich – “A proper club sandwich”

Fellows Morton and Clayton

This Friday I just needed a decent pint and a solid and reliable Club sandwich. I wasn’t in the mood to take any chances so I headed over to Fellows, Morton, and Clayton by the canal where I knew that I would find what I was looking for.

Fellows Menu

The first two items in the Sandwich section of the menu are the “Fellows Chicken Club” and the “Pulled Pork”. You can read more about a previous encounter of mine with the Pulled Pork here, but this day we were focused on getting a club sandwich!

Fellows Club Sandwich

I will tell you something that is stating the obvious if you can see the picture of the Fellows Club Sandwich, it is big, and when I say big I mean huge. You are faced with a whole bread board filled with a double decked toasted club sandwich, that sandwich acts as two sandwich book ends for an entire pot of chips or in this case French fries. “Is it too much?” maybe but that can only be answered by the next question which should be ‘did you eat it all?” If the answer is yes, well then there can be no complaints content wise. The answer was ‘yes’

Slice of Club

Lets focus back onto the sandwich, now I can be quite fussy when someone puts a club sandwich on their menu, it has to be a proper toasted, double decker. No toasting? it is not a club!. This is a Slice of Club as it should be, please take note chefs who don’t have a toaster or who are trying to do an adaptation of the club. To my mind no toast? well it is just a double decker.

Fellows, Morton, and Clayton know the game and they provide a sandwich that is as described, the sort of sandwich that you can rely upon. It is always a consistent choice, three toasted slices of bread that are layered in two sections just as we like. A section of bacon/ham and cheese with a little mayo, and a section of grilled chicken with lettuce and tomato, and I pronounce that phonetically as “let us and tom-ate-toe”. You do need to make use of the condiments that avail you, such as mayo and vinegar to enhance this beast (or perhaps that is just my personal needs?) as the toast and the fries do need something to help them dowm. Oh I forget momentarily that is what the beer is for. Luckily FMC has a lot of good beer.

So what am I saying here? Oh yes, if you want a decent club sandwich come to FMC and if you want a decent pint of beer to go with that? well come to FMC. Hopefully I was able to express my sentiments there <insert smiley face for those who like it>, <insert some sort of unrecognized star rating system for those who need that>, or more sensibly as I would advise <insert FMC club sandwich into your mouth for maximum enjoyment>

Fellows Morton and Clayton is located at 54 Canal Street in Nottingham right next to the canal. It serves good food and good beer, and it is a proper pub. The closest Tram Stop is at Station Street, but you could walk back down from the Old Market Square stop in about 5 minutes as well

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