The Griffin at Plumtree – Roast Beef Yorkshire Pudding Wrap? Oh go on then

The Griffin
The Griffin Chalkboard

As I walked into The Griffin I was loving the chalkboard action on the pavement. The last time I ventured over this way all I saw was an offer of Sunday Lunch and an occasional bout of Fish and Chips.

Today though I was seeing a whole weeks worth of offering from Pies on Tuesday, Homemade Curry on Wednesday and Steak on Thursday night.

Then as we hit Friday and the Weekend we get onto those Fish and Chips and Roast Dinner offers.

But it is Monday and there were no offers on the table (or the board if we want to get picky) but this lunchtime that was OK I had a plan.

Griffin Menu

I could say that I walked through the doors of the Griffin without any plan of what I was going to eat, but this time that would not be true.

While I was looking online to see if they were serving food at lunchtime I saw a review where someone said that you had to try the ‘Roast Beef Yorkshire Wrap’.

I had never had one of those and so I kind of knew that if it was on offer today that I was going to be eating one of those.

I like Roast Beef, and I like Yorkshire pudding, so this had to be a thing to try out, I just hoped that it would work.

 Roast Beef Yorkshire Wrap

Roast Beef Yorshire Pudding Wrap

When it arrived I was a bit surprised at its appearance, I wasn’t sure what I thought it would look like, but I wasn’t expecting some sort of swiss roll effect.

There were things that I liked about this ‘wrap’ and some things that I was not quite so sure about.  I liked the ‘idea’, but I do know that you cannot eat an idea, even though on occasion one might have to ‘eat ones own words’.

It did taste good, the beef was thick and had flavour, but for me (and that is just my taste you understand) it was a bit too well done for my liking. I like my beef on the pink side with all of that lovely meat juice.

I also like my Yorkshire pudding to be light and airy having risen perfectly in the oven. When you put it in a wrap it seems that you kind of flatten the air out a bit and make it a bit tough I needed a sharper knife to cut through it to be honest perhaps a steak knife

What a Plateful

The Roast Beef wrap plate

Don’t get me wrong here, I am still eating this wrap and I am still enjoying it. It is just my way that I am trying to improve it in my mind. I loved the idea and I loved the gravy that went with it. That really helped to soften it up a little.

I also like the sort of twice cooked chips that came with the sandwich and also the plentiful peas. What I liked the most was that this large plate of tasty food was just £6.45 for what is essentially a Roast Beef dinner in wrap form. Excellent value indeed.

Lots of Peas

roast beef yorshire wrap

When I got back I really felt that I needed to work out how to make this dish and also to find out where the idea had come from. As it happened it is not as unusual as you might think. Just a quick Google and I found a recipe on the UK Food Network by Andy Bates his looked a little pinker.

Then I looked a bit further along the search results and found versions made by Iceland and by Tesco. I wasn’t sure what to think any more about this dish, but what I do now is that I quite fancy trying to make it myself.

OK so back to the Griffin Inn. I like the spirit of adventure in their menu, I like the welcome and I like the value for money, I like it enough that I will be back again to try something else from their menu, perhaps that ‘Hunter’s Chicken’?

Library Phone Box

The Griffin Inn is located on the Main Rd in Plumtree, South Nottinghamshire. It is the only pub in the village, turn off the A606 Melton Road and head into Plumtree and you will see it on your right hand side.

While you are there look out for the red phone box on the other side of the road that has been turned into one of those book lending libraries.

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  1. Sadly, The Griffin has changed hands a number of times since your visit and is currently not open “due to electrical problems”.
    The phone box is still there and you are welcome to browse and borrow.

  2. John Smith says:

    The Griffin will be reopened under new management in the new year and will be the most talked about pub in the local and surrounding areas!! it will return to its former glory once again 🙂

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