Oscar and Rosie’s – Best Pizza in Nottingham is coming back. Check out their Kickstarter Campaign

Oscar and Rosies


It is hard to believe that it was only back in November last year that I first tasted  Oscar & Rosie’s Gourmet Pizza when they were undertaking a 6 month pop-up at the Picnic basket on Carrington Street. It is great to know that they are coming back to the city in September!

Gourmet Pizza - board sign

Back then when we visited I wrote that;

“The menu is filled with a lot of tasty sounding combinations, all well thought out. The menu lists are filled with quality ingredients,…(even the vegetarian options sounded good)”

Pizza with all the slices
Pizza with all the slices

We didn’t know what to choose on that first visit so we just had a pizza divided up with the different menu toppings in different sections. A quarter each of the “Meat Sweats”, a quarter of the “BBQ Chicken Combo”, and  quarter of the “Sausage Party”.

In my mind I recall fondly that all the toppings were good but the star of the show back then was the “Meat Sweats” pizza, which had the best combination of toppings on the menu; Freshly made home made tomato sauce and hand cut mozzarella, topped with slices of pepperoni, All the way from Wales from Gorno’s Speciality Foods crisp bacon and fennel infused sausage meat from JT Beedhams.

Ooh it was really good, check out the review here. It was good that we came back several times during that pop-up season to eat more of it.

So that was then, but what is now? Well as we said at the top they are coming back and Oscar & Rosie’s is due to open up on Saturday September 14th

“in the exciting new ‘Das Kino’ venue in Nottingham city centre. An off beat Brooklyn style bar, set over 2500 sq ft of extensively renovated grade 2 listed landmark building in the Lace Market. It’s to be found on Fletcher Gate, in the building that was previously Escucha, next door to The Cross Keys.”

“We’ll be serving our famous gourmet pizza by the quarter slice or by the square foot. We’ll also be expanding our menu to include deluxe Mac & Cheese varieties, some jazzy salads and mouth-watering desserts, as well as a daily lunch menu. All made with the trademark Oscar & Rosie’s high class produce”

Alongside this they have a Kickstarter Campaign to help raise some of the funds for the new venture. If you have never heard of Kickstarter well it is a sort of social funding where you pledge an amount of money and instead you get a ‘reward’ for your pledge. It is quite cool really. so for example you can pledge £20 and in return you get a 2 course lunch for two. so if you were going to visit anyway that is like a pretty good deal. That is just one example take a look at their Kickstarter page and see if there is something that you fancy.

Well anyway I just backed them and look forward to eating my pizza in September, how about you guys?


You can check them out through their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

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