Meadow Lane Cafe – An ‘all day breakfast situation’

Meadow Lane Cafe

Last week I found myself over at the Lady Bay Industrial estate at the Meadow Lane Café in the search for a brunch type situation, to be more exact I was in the mood for an all-day-breakfast.

Meadow Lane Cafe Chalkboard

I was pretty sure that this was the sort of place that I would be able to achieve my aim especially when I saw the chalk board outside advertising a Large Breakfast for £4.95.  Once inside and across the threshold I only really had one decision to make and that was the size of the breakfast that I was aiming for. A Small breakfast, a Large Breakfast, or a Full Monty size breakfast, there was no ‘happy medium’ sized option so I ‘told my brain’ that the one in the middle, even though it said ‘large’ was really the average sized option.

All Day Breakfast at Meadown Lane Cafe

So what did I get for that £4.95? Well in reality a very large Cooked Breakfast that needed two plates. I am pretty sure that you can see it in the picture but just to break it down for you the first plate was covered in two slices of bacon, two fried eggs, two sausages, mushrooms, beans, and tomatoes. The second plate was two slices of buttered toast, and the mug of tea that was also part of the deal was in my hand being raised to my lips to take a sip.

So was this any good then? OK well positives first, the tea and the toast were good, and I was happy with my fried eggs. I was a bit disappointed with my catering style sausages but then again that is par for the course at most greasy spoons these days, you will do pretty well to get a gourmet effort for the price point. I didn’t like the sloppy tomatoes from a tin they made my bacon taste tart and tangy in a tinny way, and the mushrooms seemed to have seen much better days which made me a little sad.

Volume wise I had nothing to complain about, this large pile of breakfast fare kept me going all day and that was the aim of my focus when I had walked in through the door searching for sustenance. It isn’t a breakfast though that I will be dreaming about next time I need an all-day-breakfast situation, but I suppose it is good to know that there is an emergency greasy spoon location if I find myself at that industrial estate once more

The Meadow Lane Café is located at 356 Meadow Lane in Nottingham just alongside the Lady Bay Retail park. It is on the corner where Brand Street joins the lane.


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