Oscar and Rosies at Das Kino – ‘Pizza as it Should be’

Oscar and Rosies |Sign

This past Thursday night we saw the launch night for the Das Kino bar on Fletcher Gate which was housing the most excellent Oscar and Rosie’s Pizza Kitchen. 

They are both sharing the space in the building that once housed the Old Vic right near to the Lace Market Tram Stop. 

Das Kino Sign

They say that they are Boasting two beautiful bars, a brand new kitchen & four Ping Pong Tables. 

Das Kino BarPing Pong at das Kino

It was true there was a bar and there were ping pong tables. They were encouraging us to “sample our extensive bar selection, have a nibble on some Oscar & Rosie’s incredible food or try your hand at Ping Pong”.

I wasn’t feeling too much in mind for some ping pong although it did look like fun, and the lines at the bar were not my scene. I don’t really frequent places where you have to queue, that is so not my scene. I have reached that point in life where ‘my’ in-crowd find that ‘grumpy‘ is kind of expected (and acceptable).

Having said that what I AM all about is the pizza, and in Nottingham there is only one person and one place that I want to serve that pizza to me, that my friend, is Olly at Oscar and Rosies!

Olly serving pizza

It was a tough night, the placed was packed and Olly was trying to give everyone a slice of his most excellent pizzas. Everytime he or one of his team left the kitchen with a tray of pizza they were mobbed by the hungry crowd.

I am really hoping that they tasted enough to come back for a slice in the future.

Actually I have no fear on that score. If you feed them they will come.

Team Pizza

In the kitchen at Oscar and Rosies

Inside the kitchen

Later on in the evening Olly did us proud and brought us into the inner sanctum to meet the team and eat some pizza.

The menu sounded really exciting and we will be featuring much more on the blog in the near future to tell you all about it. Apart from the pizzas, there will be an awesome ‘Mac and Cheese’, and some lovely locally made sweets or puddings for us all to try. These were two kinds of mini meringues one was filled with lemon and one with raspberry (to my recollection) they were dreamy.

I want to say more but I don’t want to give too many spoilers. We will be back soon to eat and show it all to you and tell you the stories behind some of those dishes.

The Meat Sweats Pizza

Oscar and Rosies Meat Sweats

Olly knows me too well and he delivered on his promise when he served us up our very own and our beloved Meat Sweats pizza.

It is not just the fantastic (and new) semolina flour coated crust that makes this a sublime feast in itself, but also the toppings of pepperoni, cheese, and crisp bacon and fennel infused sausage meat ( the last two from JT Beedhams).

The pizza oven that had only just made it to the joint that day after a last minute plea for moving assistance was on top form in its new home delivering a sweet charred crust.

How good is that crust? Well let me say just this! you will be eating the bits of crust that have no toppings on them and thinking that they are just as good naked as they are clothed in meaty and cheesy goodness.

OMG I can hardly type without thinking about that crust now. OK relax and take a minute.

More Oscar and Rosie Pizza

If you want to read a little bit of Oscar and Rosie history well then please just take a flash back with the Nottingham Food Blog to last November when we first met Olly (Read More Here) the full story was also covered in our local paper too all about the Man and his dream (that’s worth a read too).

I don’t want to make him blush (under the beard) but when you meet Olly and talk to him the passion for pizza is evident and somewhat inspiring, when you taste it you will be amazed that you can buy a slice for the price!

This stuff is fantastic It may just be my opinion, and my Mate, and my Mum, and my other mates who have eaten the pizza and … the list goes on, but once you have tasted it you will not want to go back to chain-store or supermarket pizza.

So more importantly how do you easily find this place? Das Kino is at 22 Fletcher Gate right next to the Cross Keys pub and only a short walk from the Lace Market Tram Stop.

You can Follow Das Kino on Twitter and on Facebook.

You can follow Oscar and Rosies also on Twitter and Facebook

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