A “Full English” at Joe’s Cafe and Cob Shop near Colwick Vale

Joes Cafe in Colwick Vale

During a lunchtime I was out and about in the MyFoodHunt mobile looking for some new places to lunch. For no particular reason I found myself following the bus route  through Colwick Vale towards Netherfield. I hadn’t driven along here for ages and I was hoping to find some sort of café. I was in luck, right on the bend just as you are about to rejoin the main road I stumbled upon Joe’s Café and Cob Shop. A big cheery sign greeted me as I walked over to the Café and a couple more lovely smiles greeted me from behind the counter when I walked in. Whatever was to greet me on the plate I was already smitten with the buzz and warmth within the café from the staff and the patrons lining up for their lunchtime cobs and baps.

The Breakfast Section of the Menu

Breakfast Menu at Joes cafe and cob shop

Without any apology my eyes focused in and onto the Breakfast section of the chalkboard menu. I could have taken the healthy route and ordered one of Salad Boxes which were just £2.50 and filled with a mix of lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber, beetroot, egg, coleslaw and cheese. For an extra 50p you could throw in a meat option such as ham, chicken, or turkey. On the middle ground of the menu, apart from the rapidly selling out Hot pork cob with stuffing and apple sauce for £3 you could have chosen from some tempting and more well thought out sandwich fillings. In particular I was drawn to consider the Meatball Salsa Cob for £2.50, the Peri-Peri Chicken Cob for £2.10, and the Chicken Tikka Cob also for £2.10.

As it was though I was kind of still in breakfast mode so I ordered the Full English, found a table and settled down to read the dailies while I waited.

Full English

Breakfast at Joes Cafe

The Breakfast at Joes café  came with a friendly smile and an unspoken need for a large appetite. For a rather modest outlay of £4.80 I was treated to a large plate filled with a Full English breakfast, toast and a mug of tea. So what was on that plate? I hear you ask. I had to munch my way through two slices of bacon, two sausages, a fried egg, a hash brown, a slice of black pudding, a generous pile of mushrooms, a scoop of baked beans and a spoonful of tomatoes. The verdict? well it was good value and a competent effort at this price point. This is a good solid breakfast and I would happily attempt another plateful on another day. It was all cooked to order and there was not a hint of a microwave pinging away in the background like you may see at other joints. I liked my bacon and my black pudding and even my basic sausages were on point for the plate.

Joe’s Café and Cob Shop is located at 17A Chaworth Road, Colwick


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  1. chris hughes says:

    Many Thanks for your Honest and open opinion of our Cafe,Glad you enjoyed Your Meal whoever you was lol….

    Anyone Ordering a Breakfast Mentioning This Blog can have one for £4

    Hope to see you soon

    All the Staff At Joes Cafe Colwick

  2. Richard Bailey says:

    Oh yes!! I’ll be there in the morning. 26th
    Rich and Gem

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