Ugly Bread bakery – Go here and get a pizza (just because)

Ugly Bread bakery

The Ugly Bread Bakery has recently opened up at 39 Pelham Street, sandwiched between the noodle shop and the old bank that now is a pub (you know where I mean). It is just at the top of the street before we drop down into Hockley and looks to be another excellent independent addition to the Food scene in Nottingham. For a couple of weeks I  had walked past on my way to other food hunt spots and had patiently awaited to see what was going to appear from behind the shutters. This week though those shutters were no more and the ‘Ugly Bread Bakery’ had emerged without any pretence of being a swan to feed us good folk of the Town.

Pizza Chalk Board at Ugly Bakery

It was looking good as soon as I saw the chalkboard outside offering Stone Baked Sour Dough base pizzas; “9 inches from £2.45” OMG “You had me at Pizza“. So OK just for the story I decided I had to try this place out, but lets be honest, both you and I know that I was going inside with or without the magic chalkboard offering. I just cannot resist walking into ‘anywhere new’ and the Ugly Bread Bakery was not about to be the exception to any of my unwritten scoffing rules.

Once inside you are greeted by a couple of large chalkboards behind the counter listing all of their 9 inch pizza combination and their 12 inch combo suggestions. ‘Served in minutes from our pizza oven’ (or something similar) was the message that we were getting as we drooled and contemplated what we should (or perhaps for our waistlines) should not be ordering. Just give me pizza already! On the counter were a whole batch of pizza’s waiting to be chosen to go into the oven, and also stack of sandwiches or were they a Panini type of thing? waiting to jump out and onto your plate. If you didn’t want one of them (how unkind we can be) then you could just choose from the board. I should have taken a photo, but I was in a shy food hunt kind of day when I was just wanting to eat and not be that guy.

I had a quick scan of all the drool worthy offerings and decided to take something simple and yet potentially ‘oh so tasty’ off of the board.

So it came to pass that I was to order a 9 inch Chorizo and Mozzarella opportunity.

9 inch Chorizo and Mozzarella

Chorizo and Mozzarella Pizza

This is where it starts to get real, and I mean real good. I am hoping that the picture does this simple ‘meaty and cheesy sour dough disc of joy’ justice? Now that is a good name for a pizza combination if I ever typed one. It was real simple, thin crisp and slightly charred base, topped with pools of soft and light mozzarella and thin slices of spicy and lightly smoky chorizo. This was ‘so simple yet oh so good’ as a light lunchtime snack. It went down pretty well with my can of diet pop (who was I kidding with that?).

It was enough of a taster to know that I look forward to popping in and trying some of their other combinations, both on the deli counter and from the oven.

 You can check them out on both Twitter and their developing website .

Give them a whirl

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  1. I blogged about them too today! I tried two of their pizzas, including the nutella one – delicious! The best pizza in nottingham is still definitely Das Kino by a mile though

  2. kerrycooks says:

    I blogged about ugly bread bakery today too! I tried their spinach and ricotta and nutella and strawberry pizza, plus some olives, hummus and bread to take away. They’re good, though not as good as Das Kino but then that is the best pizza in nottingham!

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Wow you really went to town then! The other combinations looked good as well. Agree that Oscar and Rosie’s are the best in town but ugly bakery made me a nice pizza too

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