Bridgford Restaurant and Fish Bar – Fish and Chips for Lunch? Why Not

I think that it is about time that some of the smaller and independent Fish and Chips shops in the county started to get a mention. So I am going to start checking them out to see if I can find some hidden gems.

First stop is the Bridgford Restaurant & Fish Bar on Radcliffe Road in West Bridgford. This place has been here as long as I can remember, I have some distant memories of my Grandma taking me here when I was about 7yrs old in the Summer Holiday.

Back then just as today I was to get myself a portion of Fish and Chips and take it down the riverbank to eat on the steps in the sunshine. Only difference was that it was a bit murky when I did that this week.

Mini Fish and Chips

I snagged myself a portion of their Mini Fish and Chips for just £2.99 but you know what this was not what I would call ‘mini’ in any sense of the word. When I unwrapped my lovely paper package down by the Trent I found that it was a pretty decent sized piece of battered Haddock lying in my tray.

On reflection the Fish part of this meal was quite good, the batter was nice and crisp but perhaps a little lacking in flavour. The haddock inside was quite tasty, not dry but not quite as moist and juicy as I would like.

For the price though it was pretty good value, I think that when the fryer is in full swing in the evening that the Fish is better. The chips were acceptable, I have had better but also I have had worse. With a lot of salt and vinegar they did the job of filling me up.

Located at 39 Radcliffe Road the Bridgford Restaurant & Fish Bar is just around the corner from the City Ground and over the road from Trent Bridge Cricket Ground.

You can get a bag of Fish and Chips and walk down to the banks of the river to dine alfresco easily and that is what I would recommend.

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