The Organ Grinder aka The Blue Monkey Pub – this is mostly about a great pub and beer

The Organ Grinder at Canning Circus

The Organ Grinder just on the edge of Canning Circus is an amazing pub serving that rather excellent beer from the Blue Monkey Brewery. It is so synonyms with that Brewery that we often say we are going to meet at ‘the Blue Monkey’. Now I know that this is essentially a food blog, but I know that most of you might have spotted by now that I am quite partial to a pint of the good stuff so on occasion I do like to champion some of those really good pubs that I frequent on a semi-regular basis.

Blue Monkey Beers on the Chalkboard at the Organ Grinder

Chalkboard at the Organ Grinder Blue Monkey Beer

OMG this is a chalkboard that I would like to take home and add as some sort of artwork at my house. I have yet to find a beer from the Blue Monkey Brewery that I do not like. I even like their darker beers such as 99 Red Baboons which is  a ‘dark, malty and fruity ale with a hoppy twist’. It is described as “An unusual combination of fruity hoppyness with a dark, malty side.  This beer is distinctly difficult to categorise – is it sort of a porter or maybe a mild?  You decide!” I tried and I cannot!

If I have to give my top three from the chalkboard then it would have to be BG Sips, followed by Marmoset, and then the rather excellent Infinity.

All three are terrific beers, but if you wanted to be here for a session then the somewhat lighter BG Sips would be the one to sample several times over a couple of hours. They describe it as “A pale and intensely hoppy beer with enticing tropical fruit aromas“. It is not that Fruity though so have no fear if you take my advice and order one.

Marmoset at just 3.6% is also a light enough beer to take a few jars of as well, described as a “A pale malt, bittered with magnum & flavoured with citra hops. A highly hopped citrusy session beer with a deliciously dry finish” it is one to take notice of.

The Infinity a beast of a beer, is described as “An infinitely satisfying pale ale, brewed with Citra hops from the USA for a punchy hop presence.” I think that it is that American styling that draws me towards this beer time and time again

Food ?

Organ Grinder Food

I have not seen too much in the way of food here at the Organ Grinder. Menu items I have seen in the past have been basically along the lines of your pork pie, sausage roll, and a scotch egg. To be perfectly honest you cannot go too far wrong just sticking with a plan of supping anyone of their beers. Food? Overrated, it is not like anyone would spent half of their life writing about it, is it?

Out back at the Oragn Grinder

One last bonus that we found last week at the Organ Grinder was their outside deck area. OK so it was a bit cold when we ventured out there, but this space is going to be mobbed when the warmer weather arrives. It is always so busy inside especially on a Friday evening that finding the area has just opened up the possibilities for a great night out. I look forward to sampling many a beer out here in the summer sunshine.

Organ Grinder outside

If it rains there is a covered area just past the door and another covered area more commonly known as the bar.

I am backing the sun this year though so let it be the summer of the Blue Monkey beer on the Organ Grinder Patio.

You can find the Organ Grinder at number 21 Alfreton Road, Nottingham. NG7 3JE basically we are talking Canning Circus.

A little tip is that you can ride the bus just one stop from the city for just £1.10.

Trust me it is better than traipsing all the way up the hill. I often do traipse though.

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  1. This has to be one of the best real ale pubs in Nottingham!

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Amen to that! I have a fondness for the Vat and Fiddle as my number one, but the Organ Grinder with its Blue Monkey offerings is really close to the top of the list

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