The Trent Fish Bar – Fish and Chips for Lunch? Why Not

The Trent Fish Bar

I am back on my mission to eat at random Fish and Chip shops in the county and so today I drove over to the Meadows as I knew there was a Fish and Chip shop on Turney Street. This place is the Trent Fish Bar and it sits on the corner of Bunbury Street and Turney Street on the main road through to the embankment just opposite the bus garage.

The plan was to get a bag of Haddock and Chips and then walk over to the embankment to sit on the steps to devour. I know this is becoming a bit of a theme. It is and will continue to be, perhaps we should start some sort of arrangement to meet up by the river once a week, rain or shine for a Fish and Chip lunch?

Fish and Chips Fish Chips and Mushy Peas

I was kind of lucky and unlucky when I walked into the Trent Fish Bar. I asked for Haddock and Chips, but there was no Haddock ready (that’s the bad luck) but they cooked me a portion so I ended up getting my Fish AND my chips straight from the fryer and onto and into my paper. Freshly cooked to order? (Good luck or what). Yep that was how I rolled when I visited today.

Now you cannot tell from the picture, but I am not joking when I say that my piece of fish was about a foot long. I have never had such a big piece of fish from a takeaway. This was way, and I mean way, too much food to eat at lunch and if I am honest I am not sure that I could eat it for dinner either. I would like to have tried and I would have kept eating more and more but it was the kind of sized meal that just defeats the solo diner.

Was it any good though? I hear you ask. Well yes it was, perhaps not that pretty but nonetheless  a nice treat. The fish was bountiful, very good batter, flaky fish, not sure if it was fresh or frozen, but it was worth the wait anyhow. The Chips did not look that good but they were actually very good. I would have liked more salt and vinegar but that was my fault for not taking  control at the counter. The mushy peas were vibrant and deep green, I liked them too. I was essentially stuffed, and how much did this all cost?  Well Fish and Chips were priced at about £5.80 with mushy peas and a coke it was around £7. To be honest next time I would have the mini fish and chips special for £3.80. I saw the mini-fish and it looked like a normal sized piece of fish to me!

Yes this place is worth adding to your list, especially if you are down by the River Trent taking a stroll and feel VERY peckish

The Trent Fish bar is located at 82 Turney St. It is about 5 minutes walk away from the embankment on the City side of the river. I would suggest that you should order a mini fish and chips if you are on your own as the full portion is massive!

Other Stuff they sell

Trent Fish Bar menu


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