Jerk Chicken with rice and peas at Jamaican Ways

Jamaican Ways

This is not my first visit to Jamaican Ways but it is the first time I have chosen to eat inside. I have blogged about sampling their food on a couple of occasions before. I wrote about that experience on the blog back in October last year when I got take out a few times that month;, you check out what I found on those visits here; “The Jamaican Ways cafe – Excellent Caribbean fare”

It was enough to bring us back here today just for a little lunch time treat, but what we were to choose was up in the air until we walked in

Jamaican Ways Food Food at Jamaican Ways

I love the counters at Jamaican Ways it always has these great big trays of food that looks to be so visually desirable, and usually that vision transitions into reality when you get to eat the food. There was a lot of chicken on offer, the Jerk Chicken on and off the bone, a Caribbean Chicken Curry and a BBQ Chicken dish. In the end it came down to the spice level, we wanted spice and were advised to take the Jerk Chicken, so we did just that! Always listen to the man is what I say!

Boneless Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas

Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas

In the end I went for the Boneless Jerk Chicken with a side of rice and peas. I have had this from here before on the bone and that was really good. Off the bone it is just as good but you don’t get that crispy skin covered in the baked Jerk Sauce. Everything else though is the same and you have that added benefit of not having to fight with the bones.

For your money you get a very decent portion of chicken indeed, it is like half a chicken taken of the bone. Spice wise is was a light punch to the palate, it was deceptively spicy.

The first mouthful of chicken I was thinking hey where is heat? but then halfway through the second mouthful it hit me, wow nice and warming. For my preferences the spice level is bang on the money, just enough to make your mouth ting but not so much that it was painful.

As for the rice and peas, you get a lot on the plate and it helps to counter the spice heat from the jerk sauce. It might have been a big portion, but it was very easy to eat. As Jamaican Comfort food goes this plateful of the Jerk Chicken with the Rice and Peas most certainly hit the spot.

This was a very successful and a very filling lunchtime sojourn. You have to visit this place, the food is great, the welcome is friendly and they have not disappointed me in all my visits.

Jamaican Ways

Jamaican Ways is Located at 107 Hartley Road in Radford.

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