Clifton Cob Shop selling… well cobs! and I had a nice Roast Pork cob

Clifton Cob Shop

Clifton Cob Shop at 28 Southchurch Drive is right on the corner of Varney Street. It is a simple place serving up hot and cold cobs, just the sort of place that you need in your life when you want a bite to eat at lunch and you don’t want to eat at some boring generic overpriced chain.

Inside there is a hot food counter serving mostly breakfast type items and roast meat in a cob, and a cold sandwich section, but basically you are ordering what you fancy from one of the welcoming ladies behind the work top.

Cold Sandwich Options at Clifton Cob Shop

Just below the ‘cold menu’ chalkboard they display a whole range of custom made Cakes that you can order. I just took the picture of them all lined up as they had ones for our local football teams. I like that the Notts County one was first on the list. I am not sure that I would be ordering one though. Just above the cakes is the cold sandwich menu with all your family favourites at reasonable prices. I would have been leaning towards a Coronation Chicken cob for £2 if I was in an adventurous mood. If I was suffering from the night before still then it would have to be the classic Egg Mayo for £1.90 and “hold the salad please!”

So what was I in the mood for?

Chalk Board offering

Ah now! this is the sort of chalk board that I like to see, or perhaps these are the word’s that I long to hear or is it read? at lunchtime. This was to be the primary reason for my visit a chance to get my hands on some sort of roast meat in a bun. I had scoped this place out before as I drove past so knew that there were roast pork cobs to be had in the vicinity.

Roast Pork Cob

Roast Pork CobInside the Pork Cob

OK so I am not going to go all gourmet on you, I am just going to hit you with the bare food facts. Here at the Clifton Cob shop when you ask for ‘Hot Roast Pork Cob’ you get exactly that. A great big cob filled with a reasonable amount of freshly carved roast pork. The stuffing was quite nice and the apple sauce was fair too. I did ask for some crackling which was a small mistake as it was too crunchy for my teeth to deal with. That was a bit of a shame, but I did enjoy sucking the milky fat off the jaw breaking crispy skin so that was still a small bonus. I am not going to say that this is my go to Pork Cob, but it was worth stopping the car for and the friendly welcome inside was worth popping in for as well.

For the prices and the welcome I would recommend stopping here, and once the tram is up and running it may be worth a pit stop on your way to the shops in Clifton. Why go to Greggs when you can shop local?

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