JJ’s Food Bar for a Breakfast in a Bun

JJs Food Bar in West Bridgford

JJ’s food bar up on Boundary Road in West Bridgford is a slightly classier bacon and egg cob emporium than those which I often tell you about. It is nice and clean and friendly inside which is always a good sign. It also comes with a simple menu, mainly coming from the ‘world of the breakfast’ which makes things nice and easy.

From what I could see on the chalk board it was basically a straight choice most of the time, between a bacon or sausage cob, or a ‘breakfast in a bun’. On Wednesday they do a Hot Roast, and on Fridays they do a Roast Pork. I was in my usual ‘in between breakfast and lunch’ mode so I had my eyes on the ‘Breakfast in a Bun’ option which was 4 items for either £2.40 or £3.20 (large)

Breakfast in a Bun

Breakfast in a Bun at JJs food bar

I chose Bacon, Egg, Mushroom, and Black Pudding as my 4 items for my large bun. For the record I could have chosen sausage, beans, and tomatoes as well. All being told it was a rather decent affair. I was glad that I chose the black pudding as that gave it a nice rich taste and contrast in texture with my crispy bacon. I was rather pleased with my selection as I picked a good combination!

It was good value, very comforting, quite filling and well worth the £3.20 price tag.

JJ's food Bar Chalkboard

If I had any complaints then that was that my egg was too well cooked by the time I ate it so the yolk was not runny enough for my liking. That could have been due to the travel time between cooking and reaching my mouth so may well have been my fault. There were enough nice white tables inside to have eaten my sandwich in the café so perhaps I should have taken advantage. If I came in again and had the Roast Dinner then I probably would eat inside. I would eat in too if I had something like beans in my sandwich just to avoid the danger of unwanted bean juice spillage.

JJ’s Food Bar is up at 67 Boundary Road in West Bridgford. They are just open between 07.30 and 14.30 Mondays to Fridays

If you are in the area and need a “Breakfast in a Bun” then I would recommend stopping by to get one!

Menu Selections

JJ's Food bar Menu


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  1. disgusted says:

    Disgusting fatty food. Yuk

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Is this your opinion of the actual food they sell? Or just this type of food?

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