The Juicy Lucifer at Reds True BBQ


The Juicy Lucifer

The Juicy Lucifer is a burger on the menu at Reds True BBQ in Nottingham.

The Juicy Lucifer is a sandwich that I have had my eye on for some time.

The Juicy Lucifer is a Mammoth beast and not for the faint hearted.

So to set the scene, a little while ago I came during opening week to visit Reds True BBQ and sampled a little bit of what they had to offer. It was free so I was kind of uncertain as how to respond to the food, I prefer to dine incognito so was a little bit out of my food comfort zone.

After that trip I started to look more at their menu and spotted this “Juicy Lucifer” burger. It was described as a Cheese Filled Burger and that set my burger degree brain ticking as I recalled the famous burger called the Juicy Lucy from Minneapolis. In Minneapolis the two competing burgers are made at the 5-8 club and at Matts Bar. I thought that this must be a variation? I was kind of right.

Me thinking on Twitter (and feeling hungry)

Tweet conversation

After a few tweets it was confirmed this was a Juicy Lucy from the 666 area dialling code. “Is that Lucifer? your burger is ready!”

Looking at the date stamp on that tweet, I really cannot fathom why it has taken me so long to get my great big fat ass back in to Reds to sample that burger sandwich. Ah look, now then, ok (personal) recriminations over, I was back, and back with a simple mission to eat this burger!

The Juicy Lucifer

The Juicy Lucifer Burger

The Juicy Lucifer is a rather elegant beast made up of two housemade steak patties (5oz) wrapped around a melted spicy 3-cheese centre. It is topped with fried onions, pickles, dirty sauce, peppered bacon, ballpark mustard, and a spicy hot wing sauce, all contained within a toasted bun. Oh my good gosh it sounds delicious, awesome possibly, and bless, even with my camera phone skills it even photographs well!

Sometime I let my memory tell the story but on this day I noted down my thoughts as I sat and ate my deviant burger;

The Juicy Lucifer, this burger was less cheesy than expected and quite a spicy effort probably due to the slices of green jalopeno that I found in there. I am sure the menu just says pickles!  I thought I was crunching down on crispy bacon (but I was very much mistaken) I was eating  slice of hells fire! The whole sandwich has a much spicier and hotter taste than I was expecting. Note to self read the menu. I was expecting a sweet tangy taste and experience just based on the three cheese blend. This is very different, but a good different, and one for the grown ups for sure. This is good, did I say that it was good, oh yes I think I just did”

In summary I was so glad that I came back to Reds True BBQ to try this burger. I know that this next comment may be questioned, but now, this burger is up in my top three options in the city. So I cant say who finishes where but you know it is a straight split between munching at 5 Guys, taking a chance at getting a table at Annie’s, or just strolling in ‘all casual like’ at Reds.

I really want to try the Pit burger next and then the Classic.

The Burger Menu

Burger Menu at RedS True BBQ

Reds True Barbeque in Nottingham is located at 11 Queens Street next to Georges Fish and Chip Kitchen and inside the space formerly occupied by Fopp Records. You can follow them (if you so choose) on Facebook and on Twitter



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  1. This is my favourite from Red’s! I always have this when I go now, can’t resist it because I know how awesome it is. 🙂

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