The Bob Marley Burger at the Navigation Inn

The Navigation InnThe Navigation Burger Bar sign

This is not my first trip to the Navigation Burger Bar in The Navigation on Wilford Street. In the past I have told you “The Navigation Burger Bar – An easy recommedation – Eat Here” . It is true I still stand by that they do serve some jolly nice beef burgers here and you should come and try one.

The Bob Marley Burger

Now usually I opt for one of big meaty burgers when I eat in one of this places, a great big hunk of beef. Today though I was kind of feeling that I should deviate from the norm and perhaps stray into the lighter side and so I took a look into the coop and pondered my options from the world of the chicken. I love a bit of Jamaican Jerk seasoning so lets just hope that this lives up to the promise.

The Great Bob Marley Burger

The Bob Marley Burger

The Marley arrived topped with three huge battered onion rings that were larger than the chicken breast a top of the bun.

They overshadowed my sandwich so they were quickly dispatched so that I could get a proper look at this sandwich.

Beneath the Onion Rings

the Bob Marley Burger

On first inspection to be honest it looked like we were in some sort of food theme park. The toppings looked more like the contents of a jar of Uncle Bens than a serious Jamaican Jerk offering. I was hoping that it would taste good though as the chicken itself looked as though it had spent some time lazing on a Jamaican Beach so that was a promising start.

Inside my Bob Marley Burger

Bob Marley Burger Cross Section

It is a good chicken sandwich, the peppers are a bit too sweet and the sauce is very lightweight if you really like Jerk sauce. I suppose just as Bob Marley’s music can appeal to the masses then this sauce and chicken probably would too. If you want some serious Jerk Chicken then head over to Jamaican Ways in Radford (I like their Jerk Chicken! (read about that here). If you just want a bit of lightly spiced sauce on your chicken then this would probably suit you.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a decent chicken sandwich and there is plenty of it. The chicken was well cooked, still moist and juicy. I am still not sure about all of the peppers, perhaps a small layer of rice and peas might have been more in keeping with the Jerk Chicken theme.

The Great Bob Marley Burger Board

The Great Bob Marley Burger Plate

I would stick to the burgers next time but was glad that I tried something else just to see what was out there. I still quite fancy trying their Fish Sandwich known as the Whitby Whale. I am a little uncertain though, and might just stick to the burgers like everyone else did around me #burgerjealousyalert

I like coming here to The Navigation Inn, I am always stuffed after eating here as well, in summary good value and good fun!

It is a great pub, lots of good real ales on tap, more food than you need to eat in one go, and plenty of chances to catch some live music as well.

The Navigation Burger Bar is in the Navigation Inn at 6 Wilford Street, right next to the bank of the canal just as you cross the bridge or as they describe “Situated just a stones throw away from Nottingham Train Station and The Broad Marsh Bus Station; at Castle Lock, Wilford Street, Nottingham NG2 1AA.”

You can check out their menu here and you can see what they are up to on their Facebook Page and Twitter feed as well

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