The Jerk Shack – Gonna get me some chicken, rice n peas

The Jerk Shack Van

Have you spotted that Food Truck Van in the Wickes Store down near the river at the Wilford Bridge crossing? I kept on seeing it n the car park, as I drove along Queens Drive, on my way to and from town and being a curious food hunting type of guy I just had to pull in to find out what it was selling.

Jerk Chicken Sign

As it happened the name of the van gives most of the story away as it was advertising one of my favourite snacks Jerk Chicken.

Guess what I was getting?

Jerk Chicken Rice and Peas

I’ll tell you what else they had on offer in a minute but lets start with the main event and the main dish on offer some of that Jerk Chicken. I was ordering this as I walked up to the counter, ooh and a side of Rice and Peas? don’t mind if I do! For your £5 you did great a really great big portion of chicken with some rice and peas in that plastic takeaway container.

Was it any good though is the big question. You know what? it was OK. You got a lot of well cooked tasty chicken on the bone. It could have been a bit spicy but it did have quite good flavour. The same could be said of the Rice n Peas. It was fine enough but also needed more spice an perhaps more seasoning. I am glad that I stopped to try it out, but to be honest I would head over to Radford to get the good stuff instead.

I had a chat with the van owner and he said that all the profit was in the bacon and sausage cobs that they sell. There wasn’t much profit in the Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork dishes so I want really feeling the love in those dishes. Having said that the Jerk dishes were apparently popular with the nearby office trade so what do I know eh?

Maybe another time I will just ignore the name and get an All Day Breakfast Tray for £4 or just a Bacon & Egg Cob for £2.50

The Jerk Shack Menu

The Jerk Shack Menu

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