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This was to be my first visit to #NottsTweetUp, where ‘local tweeters meet in person every month’. OMG you mean real people and in a real place, how can this be 🙂 OK all joking aside it seemed like a great idea to meet up with some of the Nottingham guys and gals that are regularly tweeting out about people, places, and stuff that is happening in this great city of ours.

Nibbles at Notts Tweet Up

I was not sure what to expect, would we just sit there tweeting at each other? as it happened it was being held in a pub so really what happened was that you grabbed a cold beer or similar and just chatted away to whoever was standing next to you, with mixed success. The pub in question was the Pitcher and Piano which is in the old High Pavement Chapel in Nottingham’s Lace Market District who were providing the nibbles for the evening.

nibbles at Notts Tweet Upnibbles at Notts Tweet UpNibbles at Notts Tweet Up Nibbles at Notts Tweet Up

The Pitcher and Piano served up nibbles and tasting plates of some of the food on their new menu. I am not sure what the new dishes are or if this was just supposed to be a buffet. Most of the food seemed to get eaten so I think that it was favourably received by all on the night. Looking at their menu afterwards I think that we were given selection from their grazing menu that includes options such as ‘Chicken and Chorizo Skewers’, ‘Homemade Baby Fishcakes’, ‘Goats Cheese Bon Bons’, and ‘Cajun Spiced Calimari’. I am not sure if that was exactly what was on the trays but it was very similar. Other plates were filled with bread / toast covered in things, this was probably from their flatbread section which includes; a Spicy Chicken Flatbread, and an Avocada, Mushroom and Mozzarella Flatbread (just to mention the ones that I might order)

Pam and James aka The Sauce Shop

The Sauce Shop Team

One of the factors that had dragged me out midweek was that Pam and James from The Sauce Shop were going to be at the #TweetUp. Ever since I first met these two at (I think) the Taste in the Park, I have been following their story with great interest  and their success with great enjoyment. I am delighted that they seem to be doing so well especially as they are both really nice people.

The Notts Tweet Up range

They had their full range there for everyone to taste and the Meetup Tweetup folks all seemed to enjoy what they tasted. I was also interested to find out about their two new offerings that are coming out soon which included a Sriracha Sauce, and a North Carolina BBQ Sauce. I am very interested in the BBQ Sauce. For the record I currently have in my fridge a bottle of their Nottinghamshire Sauce, their Tomato Sauce, their Lime and Coriander Sauce, and finally (just for putting on the Ice Cream) their Salted Caramel Sauce. I bought them all because I love them all!

All in all it was quite a good evening and I was glad that I went. I got to meet Tweeters from Nottingham with many different interests and I look forward to the next one!

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