The Phat Doughnut Co – They are kind of awesome! do I need to write a whole blog post to tell you that?

Phat Doughnut Company Sign

The Phat Doughnut Co bill themselves as “Nottingham’s first independent Doughnut Delivery Company.”  Wade Smith and Megan Scaddan are the latest local producers to make waves on the city food scene. I had heard some great things about them and have been looking out for them over the last month or so.

I had narrowly missed them at the reinvigorated Sneinton Market earlier in the month when I arrived after they had sold out, so when I heard that they were having a stall at the Nottingham food and drink festival in the Castle Grounds, I made a date in my diary to hunt them down.

I tracked them down in the top tent and within moments I was at the front of the line making my selection. It was too easy I chose a Lemon Meringue Donut and even managed to get it cut into two to share. Sharing would turn out to be the only mistake I made.


Lemon Meringue Donut

Phat Doughnut

“Just one look, that’s all it took” or rather I just took one bite, oh man alive how could that be so goddam good I mean it’s just, well it’s just a donut! I have not even told you anything about them but after that one bite I know and knew that it was going to be one of those down and dirty guilt ridden personal food relationships that will drag on and on until … well lets not even talk about what the future may hold lets enjoy the present.

I could have chosen something else from the donut cabinets that they had on the stall, and maybe well now actually would be more accurate, I could have chosen from some of the following.

Um Yum! Lemon Meringue? White Choc and Jam? Coffee Glazed? Salted Caramel? Apple Fudge Fritter? Chocabun?

Phat Doughnut Trays

Or maybe even on one of Cookies and Cream? Coco? Banoffee Fritter? Lemon Glaze and Sprinkles? or White Choc and Biscuit?

Phat Doughnuts Tray

Perhaps even this mammoth disc sized donut?

Massive Phat Doughnut

Excessive? Oh No most certainly not. I would be happy enough to have this display cabinet in my kitchen and once I have eaten all of the contents I could use the cabinet for something less useful once I cleared out the display of left over crumbs and left over price labels.

Despite all the different possibilities I was happy with my choice, and actually if I am honest I went back on the Monday and bought another one, as it was so goddam good.

Phat Doughnut Company Logo


So to sum it all up I have fallen in Love with The Phat Doughnut Co and their Donuts. I don’t even like sweet things or puddings, how could this happen to me?

I blame Pam and James at the Sauce Shop and I blame Olly from Oscar and Rosie’s who both gave a big shout out to these guys and told me that I must try them. I kind of like the stuff that they both produce so I was happy to have taken that recommendation.

Check them out on their Facebook Page and on their Twitter feed

Go to their Facebook page to find out the number to place an order

Events coming up include a Doughnut Eating Competition at Bunkers Hill in Nottingham where you apparently have a chance of winning £250!


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