The Barrel Drop – Awesome friendly relaxed Micro pub in Hurts Yard

The Barrel Drop Public House

The Barrel Drop can be found tucked away at the top of Hurts Yard, one of the twitchells running between Upper Parliament Street and Angel Row. It is a real hidden gem and I am almost loathe to write about it as I like the fact that it is one of the cities best secluded pubs to relax or sometimes lurk in and enjoy a pint or two away from the noise and bustle.

The Barrels at the Barrel Drop

The Barrel Drop is a pub that lives and breathes (beer) like its name. There is nothing better that walking into a bar and finding that it lives up to its name. The first thing you see through the window and as you pass though the door is a wall filled with barrels of beer behind the bar. It is like going to a beer festival in someones front room. Imagine your best mates Dad having a load of barrels of beer in his front room and you get to come over to drink a few pints from them, and that is the feeling I have when I drink here.

Inside the Barrel Drop

I have only been in a couple of times since it opened but every time I have received a warm welcome and been left to my own devices to sup a couple of tasty beers. The only downside was that it closes at 10pm so be warned if like I did you want to use this place for a little last drink. It is small yet perfectly formed, come enjoy and keep it quiet. It is just you and I OK 🙂

Food options include packets of crisps and jars of nuts.

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