Homeboys by Pete Hewitt at The Taste of Rushcliffe

Homeboys Sign

This last weekend I was fortunate enough to bump into Pete Hewitt from Clifton of recent BBC Masterchef fame and his “Homeboys” chicken stall at the Taste of Rushcliffe in West Bridgford.

I love a chance to eat a bit of Streetfood, and I love that even more when that food is being prepared by one of our own in this great City of Nottingham.

Tatsuta Slider

I was eating one of the Tatsuta Age Fried Chicken Slider, a relatively small bite in the hand for the princely sum of £3.50. This is basically a Japanese Fried Chicken slider which is no surprise given that Pete spent most of Masterchef cooking Japanese inspired food and that he plans to open a Food Truck selling the same.

I am not sure what Petes recipe for the chicken is, but from what I understand this typically is made by marinating chicken thigh meat in a mix of Mirin, Sake, Ginger juice, some garlic, and Soy sauce before deep frying in a light batter of corn starch, potato starch or if you can get it katatkuriko flour.

I understand that this is also sometimes known as Chicken Karaage, a bite that I had recently at the Time Out Café in Nottingham where they serve up Japanese street food snacks.

Tatsuta Age Chicken Slider

“Homeboys” are serving up their Tatsuta Age Chicken in a lightly toasted slider bun, topped with some tangy pickle, a bit of kimchi? Some spicy mayo on the top of the bun and some nice hot sauce just dribbled over the chicken with the sole intention of dripping down your chin and onto your fingers.

I kind of wished that I had been listening properly to Pete as he was making my slider up, as he did give us a run down of exactly what was in there, my bad.

In the end I will say though that I don’t really care what was in there, it was simply a lovely, delicious bit of street food.

Crunchy well seasoned crispy chicken, topped with some crunchy pickle bits, a spicy and tangy sauce, and just the right ratio of bun to filling.

Good Job Mr Hewitt!

Looking forward to eating from the Truck


The Menu Board

Homeboys Menu Board


You can follow Pete Hewitt on Twitter and on Facebook, and you may also see him popping up at various Food Festivals near and far as he gets his Food Truck on the road

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