Suede Lounge Bar and Pizza Kitchen for very good and very thin Pizza

Suede Pizza Bar

Suede Lounge Bar and Pizza Kitchen is located in Nottingham Creative Quarter down at the far end of Heathcote Street. First impression were that I liked this place it is kind of quirky with old cassette taps stuck to the walls and outdoor tables inside to sit on.

I am not sure what vibe they are going for, I think that they hope for hipster but its more like first year out of studentville in my mind.

It is kind of fun though and they seem to be pretty keen on their pizzas so I felt that it would have been a bit rude to walk on by so I stayed for a while, drank a beer, and ate a pizza.

It does seem that perhaps, on the odd occasion, some of us do lead charmed lives, or is it just simply luck and that when a pizza is on offer, a hungry man has to do what a hungry man has to do?

Pizza Menu Options

Suede Pizza Menu

They seem to be pretty proud of the way that they make their pizza saying that they use triple wheat in their dough which is slowly fermented over 24 hours. Is that a good thing? well when we take a bite we might find out.

They have plenty of interesting and mouth watering options on the menu. Their margherita with 100% Mozzarella (is there another kind?), their signature sauce (whatever that might be?), topped with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil was quite tempting.

More Suede Pizza Menu

Also tempting for all the wrong reasons was the pizza topped with ‘Jack Daniels Marinated Pulled Pork, Red Onion, and Jalapenos’. It sounds like a spicy car crash of  pizza, yet something to be tried or should I say devour.

Anyhow I didn’t go down that road instead I found myself drawn to order the eighth option or numero Otto.

With this topping array I was keeping it true to my Pizza Topping roots by choosing the one with most of those ingredients that I love; Chorizo, Pepperoni, and Spicy Beef.

“Otto (8) Chorizo, Spicy Beef, Pepperoni”

Chorizo, Pepporni and Spicy Beef Pizza at Suede Bar

I have to confess that I misread the menu a little, as I also thought that it came with jalapeno and chilli flakes, but that was £1 extra. Good job really as I was probably going to pick most of the chilli pepper off. I only realised that later when I read the menu properly online.

The picture really does not show you how big and how thin this pizza is. Its a good plateful and the pizza is so thin you wonder if they rolled out the base in a pasta machine or sliced a normal pizza base into three using some sort of awesome meat slicer. Neither of those things happened in the real world, but both happened just a moment ago in my pizza making imagination.

Stop the digression I hear you shout (again somewhere in my imagination as I type) just tell us if the pizza tasted good, already! Yes Ok I will, and it did. The base is very, and I mean very thin. Charred lightly to give it a nice toasty taste, but it is not baked enough to make it over crispy.

This is essentially a bit of a floppy pizza slice, which is pretty much how I liked my pizza when I was living over near New York, Seriously, you know foldable slices are kind of the way to go, trust me! Other bonuses I just made up in my mind are that being thin it is almost a diet slice.

What did I have to say at the time as I typed away into the phone notepad? “Sounds spicy but actually quite a light mild heat” (that was because I misread the menu as I admitted) “Sweet and Spicy tomato sauce, very very thin crust” (it really is damn thin) “Not too much topping, so even though it looks big it is not overwhelming”

Looking back that seems fair. This is a really tasty and a really decent pizza, it is up there at the moment in my top three, the other two (just for the record) being Oscar and Rosie’s at Das Kino, and the pizza from the Ugly Bread Bakery.

So basically and simply I am an advocate of this pizza, so tasty and drool worthy.

Mutant Ninja Turtle at Suede
Pizza Poster at Suede

If you venture down the stairs towards the bathrooms you will see a wall covered with 6 foot Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I guess they like Pizza too just like all my friends at work who have told me to come here and try the pizza.

Check them out at the Suede Pizza Bar site, and on Twitter and Facebook

 The only downside was some mention of hipster on the menu!

 “extra hipster points” might have been the phrase.

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  1. ...... says:

    It would be nice to hear some honest reviews. There never seems to be much of a negative which suggests that you write this blog for free food and not for what I’m guessing you thought this blog would be for, an opinion.

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      Thanks for your comment and question. It would be awesome if I received free food for writing this blog but however to be honest in the time I have been writing the blog I have had a free meal on less than 5 occasions and I have posted about 260 times. Anytime that I have had something for free I have disclosed in in the post. In terms of questioning my honesty in the reviews I find that quite an insult. The truth is that I generally only write about places that I have enjoyed eating at and I don’t write about places that I don’t like or that have given a me a bad meal. The blog is not a review site and there are many review sites such as tripadvisor that you can look at if that is what you are after. For the record the blog is everything that I want it to be and is just as I intended it to be also. Thanks for reading

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