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Back in 2012, when I first started out on the journey of The Nottingham Food Blog, Suede Lounge Bar and Pizza Kitchen was the place to go in town for a Pizza. I was oblivious to all that so when I came into the office raving about a new place I had found called Oscar and Rosies everyone was like ‘have you been to Suede yet?’

Eventually somewhat late to the party in 2015 I succumbed to peer pressure and visited them on Heathcote Street. Spoiler alert, they were right it was really good (read more here) and since then it is to my shame that I had not been back to write about them sooner

Anyway today was the day to return, so many new Pizza places have been opening up in town that I just had to go back to the beginning to see how the old grandmaster of pizza was faring up against these wannabee dough dons πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚


The menu selection was just as good as it was back in 2015 with so many mouthwatering choices to choose from. I almost fell into the trap of ordering exactly the same pizza as I did last time which was the one topped with ‘Chorizo, Spicy Beef and Pepperoni’ as that is kind of my flavours. Last time it was number 8 on the menu, now it was number 9.

After further contemplation I selected number 15 the pizza topped with ‘Nduja, egg, and Smoked Cola Ham‘ mainly as I do like an egg on a pizza with the runny yolk as bonus sauce.

Ndjua is the New Chorizo and while I am sure that we should be getting bored of it soon as it is appearing on everything now! I fear it will be with us for a while yet just like chorizo was a few years back. I am not complaining I like them both! 😍😎


When my pizza with Nduja, Egg and Cola Ham arrived it was looking pretty darn good on the table in front of me. Happily they hadn’t sliced my pizza up for me so that big fat baked egg was still sitting in the middle just crying out for me to cut into it to release the golden yolk.

I liked everything about this pizza, the crust was soft and chewy in all the right places, lightly charred on the base, thick enough to hold all the toppings and nicely foldable for easy eating

The Nduja was generously scattered across the surface unlike many places where it is a mere hint of flavour and heat, here at Suede it was up front, present and in your face giving you a playful spicy smack across your taste buds

The cheesy topping and tomato sauce were everything that you hope for on a pizza, the sauce juicy but not wet, the cheese chewy as you tear through with your bite, a little tang and little saltiness.

The runny egg yolk was great for dipping my bits of edge crust in just I had hoped and had planned

A slice or several slices of perfect pizza action on my plate. Thanks Suede


I am in no way anywhere close to be a vegetarian but as I associate closely with several I am always happy to find a place that has a proper well thought out menu with decent vegetarian options.

On that basis I was happy to bring my partner in dine Alison here to feed her pizza desires as Suede is one of those places paying as much love and attention to the non meat eater as they do to the carnivores among us.

I have to say that even I was tempted by many of the pizza options available, the one topped with Wild Mushrooms, Butternut squash, red onion, walnuts and fresh parsley sounded particularly tasty but as you now know I had my meaty pizza on the way (secretly I was hoping my partner would pick that one🀣 but sadly not)

The choice was made and the one topped with Garlic Portobello mushrooms, Blue cheese, spinach and olive oil for Β£11 was the winner selected to be cooked up in the pizza oven today.


This pizza covered in Garlic Portobello mushrooms, Blue cheese, spinach and olive oil also looked good and was a winner for sure. While I am not that keen on Blue cheese I don’t mind it when it is blended harmoniously with the other toppings in the mix.

This is a very tasty pizza with quite a few potentially powerful flavours involved garlic and blue cheese might be a delight for the taste buds but perhaps not ideal for a date night unless you both share the same pizza pie 🀣

It was declared to be a very good pizza from the other side of the table and alongside the cocktails that came with it to our booth it was another successful foray in to the world of Suede Pizza.

I had almost forgotten how good Suede Pizza Bar was, not only are the pizza great but the vibe is cool too with a big movie screen in the middle showing classics on a Sunday. I loved the Teenage Ninja Turtle action as well especially the neon lit staircase leading to the toilets in the basement

We had been sitting at the back of the bar right next to the open kitchen and could smell the aroma of the pizzas cooking wafting through the hatch as we waited. It was almost cruel as we had to endure pizza for other tables fly past us one after another. I felt like a dog sitting at the foot of the dining table looking hopefully for a morsel from above.

Next time I will sit up at the front of the bar soaking up the light pouring in from the window, sipping my beer and watching the passers by in igorance of the excellent pizza action they were missing as they strolled away along the street.

Come and find Suede Bar down the end of Heathcote Street in Hockley (number 34 to be precise) at NG1 3AA. There are a lot of great pizza places in the city at the moment but Suede is an original and a classic and you can’t beat that easily, time tells the truth and this place is still rocking out great pizza

Check them on their website, their Facebook page , Twitter Feed, and their Instagram profile too for events and droolworthy photos

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