The “In Plaice” on the Tram Line in Clifton, the name is an awesome pun and they have pretty good fish and chips too

The In Plaice

The In Plaice is a Fish and Chip shop (with extras) just next to the Southchurch Drive Tram stop in Clifton on the tram line running between Nottingham Station and Clifton South.

Based on the name alone I got off the tram to try it out, in my heart I knew that it would be one of those takeaways that also sells kebabs, burger and chicken (and it was),

but I choose to ignore all of that and stay in the ‘Fish and Chip Moment’

Fish and Chips Menu at the In Plaice

The menu is your standard affair, to be honest do you even need a menu when you walk into a Fish and Chip shop? To me its just a question of whether you are having Cod and Chips or Haddock and Chips. If you are one of those people all up in my face about Cod stocks then maybe we are looking at Pollock.

But having said that not in Nottingham, here we have just the basics; Cod or Haddock, and Chips with or without Mushy Peas (I like Mushy Peas)


Haddock, Fish and Chips at the In Plaice

I ordered the Haddock with Chips and Mushy Peas and it was a really very decent sized portion indeed. The haddock was a good ruler length and filled up and overlapped my plate at home. The chips? well I could only fit half on the plate, the picture above shows about a third of them.

I honestly do not think it was possible for one person to eat a whole portion! I ate most of them in the picture, plus a good handful as I was opening the bag, but even a greedy and hungry man such as me in this moment could not do justice to that which was given to me on this day.

The Fish was good, it was sitting waiting for me on the counter, so I suspect the batter could have been crispier, but the Haddock was tasty, had good flavour and gave the impression that it had been cared for. The chips as I said were over-plentiful and was I like them, soft juicy and crispy / solid at the same time. The Mushy peas had a green vibrancy about them, and helped make each mouthful enjoyable.

One of the things I really loved was when I asked for it all to be wrapped, the lady wrapped my fish separately as she ‘didn’t want to break it’, I like that care and attention for my food, even when I am having a takeaway, that shows class.

The In Plaice Flyer

The In Plaice Fish and Chip Shop is next to the Southchurch Drive Tram Stop (number 20 to be exact) on the route between Nottingham and Clifton South


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  1. David says:

    It wasn’t awesome tonight 26/10/2013 asked for a piece of cod with my chips and curry sauce . Got home to eat and found the fish to be the worst I’ve ever had looked like someone had battered a goldfish. Absolutely dreadful will not be going there again. Had a big order for 4 people as well. Rubbish

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