The Platform Kiosk – Snacks at the End of the Tram Line at Clifton South

The Platform Kiosk

As I strolled over to catch the tram into the city from the Clifton South Tram Stop,  I was pleasantly surprised to find The Platform, a kiosk selling hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and the odd cake.

I did not expect to find anything to eat or drink at the Park and Ride at the end of the Line so this was a total bonus on the hunt for food along the Tram Line between Clifton South and the Nottingham Station.

Clifton South Tram Stop

If you get there early enough in the morning you can get a Bacon Cob, I was told that they started selling them at about 7.30 am and by 11am they had stopped (well they had sold out). On the bank holiday when I first came up here to the Clifton South Tram stop they also had hot sausage rolls on offer as well. I think that you just need to time it right.

It is early days for trading and the couple running the kiosk were lovely, very chatty, and very hopeful that there would be demand at the end of the line.

All I can say is that if I was pulling in here from the A453 in the morning to park up and get the Tram into the city in the morning, I would be picking up one of those bacon cobs and a cup of tea!

Meal Deal Options

So I missed the Bacon Cob scenario (this time) so I took advantage of one of the Meal Deal Options getting a cob, a cup of tea, and a bag of crisps for £5.25

Meal Deal for Lunch

It wasn’t my usual kind of thing but in the interests of sampling the food from The Platform I could not leave empty handed. I had a Chicken and Bacon in Mayo Cob and it was a decent size for the money and most importantly made fresh that day. The cup of tea was made with a real tea bag, sadly the milk was from one of those little plastic vials. I would have loved a jug of milk on the counter. I gave my crisps to a lad at work in exchange for a biscuit to dip into my tea.

So in the end total bonus to find a place selling food at the Clifton South Tram Stop and a lesson learnt to arrive earlier to get my hands on a Bacon Butty.


Menu at The Platform

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