Tasties Travelon in St Anns for some good honest Jamaican Cooking

Tasties Travelon in St Anns

Tasties Travelon at 265 St Anns Well Road is a restaurant and takeaway specialising in West Indian dishes. I had seen this place from the road as I had driven up the Wells Road on a few occasions. I love a bit of Jamaican food and the colour of the outside gave the game away when I was trying to find somewhere in the area to fulfil my desires.

Food Options at Tasties Travelon

As I passed by I saw the window advertising a whole load of classic Jamaican Dishes; ‘Rice and Peas, Curry Mutton, Oxtail, Stew Chicken, Ackee and Saltfish…’ the list goes on. I sensed that this was going to a place to add to the ever growing list of places to get my hands on some.

Inside it is a sparse affair, one lady calmly spooning out allsorts of curry and stews from the big steel pots on the stove. Each time a lid was lifted, another amazing aroma drifted across the counter. I took my place in the queue and waited patiently for the lid to lift for me. I looked around for a menu but could not find one, I just listened to see what everyone else was ordering and guessed what was on offer from that.

One lady, a nurse, was having a large portion of Stewed Chicken, with Rice & Peas, and a couple of fried dumplings, this seemed to cost about £7. Another lady in the queue was having BBQ Chicken and Rice, a small portion for £5.

When it was my turn I asked hopefully if one of those pots was filled with Mutton Curry? There was, so I ordered a small portion with some Rice & Peas, this was to cost me also £5. Bag in hand I headed out back to the car with my haul of Jamaican Goodness and a mouth watering with anticipation.

Mutton Curry

Mutton Curry

As Mutton Curries go this one was pretty good, the meat was really tender, soft and falling off the bone. I couldn’t believe how much was in the tray, I only asked for a small portion, heaven knows how much you get if you ask for a large portion.

It is a mild curry, spice wise, however it is packed with a lot of really good flavour, mostly from the curry powder. Often with these types of curry it can seem to be all oil and yellow turmeric, but this one seemed to buck that trend, the sauce was a nice well made sauce that wasn’t too greasy. Inside there somewhere was also a bit of potato and some carrot amongst that thick brown gravy.

I chose to have my Mutton Curry with a portion of Rice and Peas, that was also plentiful, the sort of rice and peas that is going to stick to your ribs. It too wasn’t very spicy but then again I didn’t want too much spice at lunchtime, this was just right for me.

I got just what I wanted from my meal at Tasties Travelon on the Wells Road;  a nice warming and satisfying feeling in my stomach.


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