Nevada Chicken in Clifton serving all sorts of Chicken – Ride the NET tram to find them

Nevada Chicken Flyer

Nevada Chicken on Varney Road in Clifton is another place that you can find when riding the Tram between the Nottingham Station and Clifton South Tram Stops. This Chicken Shack is located just a couple of minutes walk from the Southchurch Drive Tram Stop.

I spotted it when I was on the tram, the same day that I had jumped off to get Fish and Chips at the In Plaice (read more about that here), and figured that next time I wanted to go down and dirty on a takeaway, that this was going to be the place I would ride the rails to.

Arabian Rice with Chicken Strips at Nevada Chicken

Arabian Rice at Nevada Chicken

As it happened my choice was not going to be that unhealthy. I ended up walking in and picking out the Arabian Rice with Boneless Chicken Strip for £4.49 quite a surprise, even to me. It just seemed to be something different in the world of fried chicken and the picture did look kind of nice. I know, I know, I hear you, “it’s just a takeaway”, but you know it does look good on the flyer.

Don’t worry though I did also order a couple of bits of fried chicken, just so that I could check out the crispy coating and indulge myself with some mild gluttony.

No shame accepted or felt, it had to be done!

Arabian Rice with Boneless Chicken Strips

Arabian Rice and Chicken at Nevada Chicken

As always the picture on the menu flyer looks a lot better visually than the reality, but what is more important is how it tastes. I will be totally honest and say that I had no expectations at all, this was basically a ‘throw away meal’ that I was indulging myself in, purely in the interests of trying out another place to eat via the tram. As it happened I was to be surprised and so wrong in the level at which I had set that bar.

Arabian rice and chicken strips from Nevada Chicken

The chicken itself was really quite good, I loved the spicy tanginess, it was sharp, a citric bite somewhat lemony that drew the breath from my taste buds as it hit my mouth. I know that you think I am exaggerating but whatever they marinate this in, I want a bottle. OK maybe I exaggerate a little.

I may well be the only person who orders this dish from Nevada’s’ in Clifton, but as it took them 10 minutes to make it and cook my rice I was happy to know that it had been cooked to order. What about that rice? Well that looked nothing at all like the picture, it wasn’t even the same colour, but it had all the elements that I would have expected, actually hoped for, ok imagined from Arabian Rice. It was perfumed, spicy, was light and flaky and to be honest lived up to its name and also matched the billing of being the healthy option. Note to self, expect the unexpected and don’t not judge too soon.

Fried Chicken – 2 pieces

Fried Chicken at Nevada Chicken in Clifton

Now how about that Fried Chicken? I ordered two pieces and I was given a bit of breast on the bone, and a bit of drumstick, both deep fried in the Nevada Classic Crispy Coating. I love a bit of fried chicken and was hopeful and curious to discover if the Fried Chicken here was worth the trek on the tram for.

The verdict was really quite mixed, the drumstick was great, chicken nice and juicy and the coating nice and crunchy and well flavoured, a little bit salty and a little bit spicy. The breast piece was very disappointing, it was very dry and a bit overcooked. Now this might be a one off, but if I came here again (which I may do for that Arabian Rice and Chicken) I would just ask for leg meat.

Other options from Fried Chicken?

Peri Peri on the menu board at Nevad Chicken

So would I come here again? Well based on that Arabian Rice and Grille Chicken the answer would be yes, However based on the Fried Chicken? perhaps not. So where does that leave us? To be honest I am coming back, but next time I have my eye or thoughts on the Peri Peri Chicken. I saw a picture, know full well that it will look nothing like that in reality, yet am still hopeful having read the description; “Flame Grilled Chicken marinated in traditional Portuguese spices” sounds good to me, but I am a slut for a good bit of advertising 🙂

So anyhow Nevada Chicken, it is a small chain in the UK with another sites in Derby (they have a Facebook page).

The Clifton Branch is Located at 12 Varney Road by the SouthChurch Tram Stop and is another place to eat on the NET Tram system

The most important thing to know is that they open at 3pm Mon-Sun so no good for lunch

I found that out the hard way


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