The Bryer’s Deli in East Leake Daily Special is worth taking a chance on – They make excellent sandwiches

The Bryer's Special Board

I love going to Bryer’s Deli over in East Leake and often pop over to get a sandwich when I am in the area. Now usually my sandwich of choice is the combination of Chorizo with Barbers Cheddar on White Bread, which I have eaten a number of times, but on this visit I decided to let fate play its hand as I chose their daily Special.

For me this was quite a brave expansion to my tastebuds as the first item in that special sandwich is the locally renowned Cropwell Bishop Beauvale cheese, a blue cheese, I don’t like blue cheese. Next item in there was Teruel lomo, which is ‘cured Spanish pork loin’, now that sounded good, added to both was Mango and Ginger Chutney.

Now this on the face of it sounded to be a risky combination for me to try, but I figured that someone at Bryer’s had put these three together with a plan, and I hoped that they knew what they were doing. They must do? of course they do Marcus, have some faith.

Bryers Sandwich Daily Special

I rearranged the contents of the box so that you could see the layers of everything in the sandwich and show you the side salad that they add to each takeout carton.

sandwich and salad at Bryers

I surprised myself quite enjoying this quick grown up gourmet sandwich, as I mentioned I am not a blue cheese fan, and I wish that I was. However in this sandwich it worked for me, perhaps it was the combination with the Teruel lomo a sweet lean cured pork, rubbed with oregano, garlic and paprika that eased out the blueness, or perhaps it was the solid sweet ginger of the relish that was almost like a mango chutney, or perhaps I do like blue cheese after all.

The Sandwiches from Bryer’s are basically a meal in themselves, not a quick snack. As well as getting two great big door stop sandwiches, you get half a plate of salad and a big scoop of their crunchy and creamy coleslaw. I ate that salad and coleslaw with great relish and thoroughly enjoyed both.

Bryer’s Deli at 13 Gotham Road on East Leake has recently celebrated 3 years in operation. I love the place and if I wasn’t busy eating everywhere else, I would be coming in every day or every other day for something for lunch. Check them out in reality by heading over to East Leake, and check them out on their Twitter Feed and their Facebook page as well for up to date information.

Its worth checking those out, I just did and just learnt that they serve American Pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup on a Sunday!

Look forward to another post in the near future when I get the chance to head over to try those out!



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