The Crusty Cob on Castle Boulevard for a satisfying greasy spoon style bacon and fried egg cob

The Crusty Cob

The Crusty Cob on Castle Boulevard is one of those local places that I love to find when I am either looking for a sandwich at lunchtime or for some sort of breakfast cob situation.

It is pretty visible from the main road, but as you turn in to the side street to park you are faced with some pretty limited ‘legal’ parking options, which is quite a shame as it is in a great spot and there is not much else around on offer.

Crusty Cob Chalk Board

I often make my selection based on the special offers listed on the chalkboard outside a café, today though it was going to be a bit trickier as all they are giving away here is that they have “Hot & Cold Food”.

I was hoping that the menu would be more forthcoming, but having said that my heart was already set on a breakfast cob, so we might both be just looking at the menu knowing full well how this post is going to pan out.

Hot Options

Hot section of the Menu

A big Bacon and Egg Cob

Bacon and Egg Cob

From the “Hot Food” section of the menu I ordered a Bacon and Egg Cob, now I will admit that this picture does not tell any kind of story so I had to take it home and cut it in half to see what was going on inside.

Inside the Bacon and Egg Cob

Cross section of Egg and Bacon Cob at The Crusty Cob

Now that is more like it, we can see what is going on now, and I am liking what I see! A decent bread cob, light and airy filled with plenty of bacon and with the egg yolk oozing out where it has been sliced through. Awesome.

Look I am not kidding myself, we all know that this is no health store, but you have to admit this is essentially the food porn of the average man and woman walking into a cob shop looking for a breakfast type of sandwich. If you cannot find a place in your heart for this level of decadence, then it is possible that we cannot be friends.

Cold Options

Cold sandwich options at the Crusty Cob

Ok so maybe you might be thinking that you want something less breakfast in your sandwich and you will be OK at the Crusty Cob as they have all of your standard classics on offer, plus a few extras. I am not sure that I could eat a ‘Brie’ sandwich’ but I am sure that some will love that.

Coronation Chicken Bap

Coronation Chicken Bap

Another day and another visit saw me tackling on of their baps which was no easy task. The ‘bap’ was huge, at least 6 inches in diameter, a mammoth beast.

The filling of choice was their Coronation Chicken for £2.40, one of my favourites. Reasonably spicy, a creamy mix with plenty of chicken.

Be warned the bap is big, cut it in half and you still have basically a whole normal sized sandwich left. If I was you and you are not really hungry, get your lunch in a cob!

The Crusty Cob Location

I really liked my breakfast bap from the Crusty Cob and if I could park up more easily I might pop in for one of their toasted sandwiches or maybe their Fried Breakfast in a box?

Located at 223 Castle Boulecard, in Lenton , Nottingham

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